Calipsa’s false alarm reduction platform chosen by Radius Security

Nov. 18, 2020
First Canadian monitoring center to choose Calipsa’s cloud-based technology
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Ashburn, Va. – November 17, 2020 – Calipsa, a market-leading provider of deep-learning powered video analytics for false alarm reduction, today announced that its false alarm filtering platform is being used by Richmond, British Columbia-based Radius Security. Radius Security is the security systems and monitoring branch of Vancouver Fire and Security and the first Canadian monitoring center to adopt the cloud-based Calipsa technology.

Calipsa’s false alarm reduction technology uses artificial intelligence with deep learning technology to filter out false alarms with a 99.5% accuracy rate. Calipsa’s technology recognizes genuine alarms caused by human or vehicle movement, while filtering out notifications resulting from nuisance factors such as animals, lighting, weather or foliage.

Aleksei Bulavko, research, development and production manager at Radius Security, said the Calipsa technology would further enhance his company’s reputation as a top-tier monitoring station.

“With our Redhanded Human Detection solution, our focus is on catching criminals in the act,” he said. “Calipsa enables us to do this at a greater capacity, meaning an even faster police response time for our customers.”

Brian Baker, vice president, Americas, Calipsa, said the false alarm filtering platform will enhance Radius Security operators' efficiency by enabling them to concentrate on genuine alarms.

“Also, Calipsa’s cloud-based technology requires Radius Security to install no hardware devices,” he said. “Initial installation and future upgrades are quickly and remotely integrated with station operating software and customer cameras without incurring on-site installation costs.”

Calipsa’s false alarm reduction software is easily scalable, making it ideal for any growing monitoring station and customer business. A platform dashboard enables station managers to monitor the software’s performance, including detecting idle cameras that may need replacement or repositioning

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