Baron announces Baron Threat Net for Public Safety

July 7, 2017
Access localized weather data anytime, anywhere

Huntsville, AL – Baron, a leading provider of critical weather solutions, announces its Baron Threat Net suite of products, an active weather monitoring and forecasting tool for public safety, featuring operations center, mobile, and web-based accessibility. Baron Threat Net allows users to monitor weather and safety for situational awareness by location and includes simple custom alerts including Baron exclusive location-based Pinpoint Alerting and standard alerts from the National Weather Service (NWS). These alerts can be delivered via in-app notifications, push or text notifications, and e-mail. Baron’s technology is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to a wide range of customers who might not have any meteorological background. Its weather intelligence and dynamic viewing platforms provide acute situational awareness which aids in smart decision making. Threat Net is an ideal product for use in a variety of public safety settings such as hospitals, government agencies, public schools, outdoor venues and stadiums.

According to Phyllis Little, Director, Cullman County, Alabama Emergency Management Agency, "I’m an Emergency Manager, not a Meteorologist. [Baron Threat Net] helps me focus on what I need to know instead of too much overly confusing weather information."

Baron’s Threat Net suite is unmatched in the public safety and weather monitoring space. Threat Net incorporates three easy ways to track inclement weather: web portal, custom alerts, and mobile app capability. The fully-featured web portal weather monitoring system provides street level views and the ability to layer numerous data products. Threat Net also offers a mobile companion application for iOS and Android which allows access to real-time weather monitoring on the go.

These three methods of using Threat Net offer public safety monitoring to everyone, not just meteorologists. “It is very helpful that [Baron Threat Net] is so easy to use…does not require a lot of training for volunteers to step in and use it,” said Tyler Smith, of Tennessee’s Emergency Management Agency.

Additional key features of Threat Net include:

  •  Accessible via desktop computer, operations displays, tablets, phones, and smart watches
  • High resolution, fully customizable mapping which allows for severe weather monitoring down to street level
  • User-friendly navigation allowing for easy point-and-click data capture
  • A full-screen interactive mode which provides unmatched visualization and enables users to quickly scan, monitor, and investigate all weather threats on a single screen.
  • Detailed data and visual monitoring on precipitation and forecasted road conditions and hazards, an exclusive Baron product featuring data on severe weather threats such as damaging winds, hail, and flooding
  • A monitoring system that displays real-time cloud-to-ground lightning strikes at street level.
  • Storm Vectors enabling accurate storm tracking up to an hour in advance
  • Threat Net’s Critical Weather Indicator a Baron exclusive patented product, highlights to users in real-time the most dangerous storm situations.

Threat Net also has a tropical weather package which provides data on hurricanes and their unique features, including the hurricane track and forecast tool. In addition, Threat Net can provide public safety information on non-weather environmental threats such as HAZMAT disasters and terrorism by determining rain or wind conditions that may spread chemical spills, toxic smoke and gasses, and more.

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About Baron

Baron’s meteorological hardware, software, and data deliver critical weather intelligence to organizations, businesses, and individuals impacted by weather conditions. Baron’s world-class scientists are continuously inventing new and more effective ways to collect, interpret, package, display and deliver real-time, hyper-local weather intelligence to aid in safe, intelligent professional decision-making. Baron products are used in numerous industries such as public safety, transportation, aviation, insurance, marine, government, and media. The Baron name is trusted by weather industry leaders such as the NOAA, the DOD, the FAA and the Weather Channel, and is also trusted in business by industry leaders like Toyota, Honda, Verizon, CNN, and Fox. For more information, visit