Openpath’s Social Distancing Index demonstrates the efficacy of mandated stay-at-home directives in driving state compliance

April 13, 2020
Index shows the need for strong federal regulatory program as America looks to flatten the curve quickly

LOS ANGELES, CA, April 8, 2020 - Openpath, a leading mobile and cloud-based access control provider, has created a Social Distancing Index showing national and state levels of compliance with stay-at-home directives. This data is the first of its kind in understanding employee change in behavior as states issued stay-at-home requirements.

“We wanted to use our unique position as a provider of building access in a way that might offer insights into the effectiveness of the social distancing efforts activated across the country,” says James Segil, co-founder & president of Openpath. “Based on our findings, it is clear that without a national stay-at-home directive, social distancing on a state-by-state basis is all over the map.” 

The index tracks the changes in workplace entries from February 24th, when the federal government first requested $1.24 billion to help combat COVID-19. Since then, the rate of social distancing by state has varied, but it is clear that decreases in building entry activity are most significantly impacted only when states issue a stay-at-home directive.

Openpath hopes to help illustrate the impact of public officials and American citizens working together towards a common goal. Openpath’s cloud-managed access control platform has real-time visibility into the entry logs of over 1200 organizations spanning the country. This allows us to accurately report anonymous activity levels in these buildings, showing the reaction to the social distancing mandate as it is happening, by geography and by industry. These organizations cover a range of industry segments, including commercial real estate, business/enterprise, places of worship, gyms, retail, and manufacturing, giving Openpath unique insights into how COVID-19 is impacting our country at a granular level.

Key findings to date:

  • New York and California were two of the first states to issue stay-at-home directives, with the current numbers for both states dropping rapidly week by week to 13% and 19%, respectively.
  • Meanwhile, states like Nebraska (99%) and Georgia (63%) are well above the national average of 26%. Nebraska has yet to order a stay-at-home policy, and Georgia only enacted a policy on April 2.
  • Across industries, education centers, gyms, and places of worship have seen the greatest decreases in building entry. By the week of 3/30, building unlocks in these locations were down to: Education: 10%, Gyms: 10%, Places of worship: 16%
  • However, manufacturing/industrial workplaces and government continue to see relatively high building entry--Manufacturing/Industry: 42%; Government 49%

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