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Time out with Dean Drako: The evolution of cloud security and a glimpse into the future

May 22, 2024
In this exclusive interview with SecurityInfoWatch, Dean Drako, the founder and CEO of Eagle Eye Networks (EEN) shares the impetus behind his start at Barracuda Networks and eventual...

Comcast Business expands cybersecurity portfolio with managed detection and response

April 30, 2024
New MDR solution helps medium and large enterprises rapidly identify and limit the impact of cyber threats without the need for additional resources
Breach Detection

Siemens SIBERprotect Cyber Response Solution for Industrial OT Systems

Isolates and quarantines the infected production equipment to facilitate faster resumption of normal operations
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Innovative solutions to help thwart cyber attacks

April 30, 2024
Strategies that can deliver greater data resilience, immediate recovery mechanisms and stronger access requirements

Zero Trust for Physical Security Devices from Prometheus

Ensures tamper-proof video data that undeniably proves that viewed imagery is from a specific camera in a specific location at a specific point in time
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Security is now the most influential factor in business software selection

April 25, 2024
As today’s threat environment becomes more challenging, many business leaders are now willing to pay a premium for security

New data reveals growing identity threat risks for organizations

April 25, 2024
A new cyber report puts an important spotlight on critical weaknesses
Cloud Security Solutions

Q&A: Blank Rome's Anthony Rapa on new proposed rule for the regulation of cloud providers

April 22, 2024
Rapa discusses the recent Department of Commerce proposal requiring domestic IaaS providers to secure vetting and privacy policies.
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Security Executives

How organizations can balance innovation and compliance

April 18, 2024
In the wake of the EU AI Act, security executives ponder the implementation of regulations as a crucial step toward ensuring the safe and transparent use of AI technology
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Integrated Security Management Systems & PSIM

Tech Trends: IT and OT – The Next Convergence

April 17, 2024
Software companies are uniting information technology and operational technology, bringing integrators, security executives and IT directors together.
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CISOs must evolve cyber strategies as future threats loom

April 8, 2024
Prioritizing quality control checks, robust risk management strategies, and investment in employee training are essential steps to mitigate the risks
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Strategies for securing the edge ecosystem in finance

April 3, 2024
What CFOs should know about integrating agility and resilience into overall business operations