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The Critical Infrastructure category is a collection of news, analysis, and other information relevant to security professionals who work in or provide services to the Critical Infrastructure market. It covers issues pertaining to security management as well as security technology deployments at utilities, airports, transit operators, oil and petrochemical facilities, and other critical infrastructure operators.

Former DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff: Rising up to meet evolving global security challenges

May 29, 2024
In an exclusive interview with SecurityDNA host Steve Lasky, former U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, co-founder and executive chairman of The Chertoff...
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The beginning of required workplace violence programs: are you ready?

May 28, 2024
The broad workplace violence prevention law passed in California will create a de facto requirement for almost every employer to have a robust corporate security program.
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Critical Infrastructure

A new EPA cyberattack alert urges U.S. water systems to upgrade security immediately

May 21, 2024
Cyberattacks against water utilities across the country are becoming more frequent and more severe, the Environmental Protection Agency warned Monday as it issued an enforcement...
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Security partnerships a key element for Paris Olympics

May 14, 2024
The motto “faster, higher, stronger” starkly describes the security preparations required of France, its allies, and corporate sponsors for the July-August Summer Olympics. Weary...
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Trustwave SpiderLabs exposes unique cybersecurity threats in public sector

May 14, 2024
The public sector faces a unique cybersecurity challenge due to a combination of factors.

36% of breached critical infrastructure organizations have paid off ransomware

May 14, 2024
The research findings expose the multiple consequences of a ransomware attack on the US’ critical infrastructure.

Securing OT environments amidst evolving threats

May 10, 2024
A comprehensive effort must be made to fully understand the OT landscape’s distinctive challenges and unique topography.
Critical Infrastructure

Texas city completes new ALCEA traffic locking solution installation

May 9, 2024
The Transportation Services and Mobility department for the City of Grand Prairie, Texas recently completed a substantial project to replace the locks on their intelligent traffic...
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Axon acquires Dedrone, making major push in robotic security tech

May 6, 2024
Public safety technology giant Axon announced plans Monday to acquire counter-drone technology leader Dedrone to advance the company’s development of drones as first responders...
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2024 U.S. elections prepare for the challenge of AI deepfakes and robocalls threat

May 3, 2024
State actors and fractional political operatives are weaponizing advanced technology to influence elections

The evolution of RaaS and how corporations can better defend themselves

May 1, 2024
As security risks have grown more sophisticated over time, so have the methods of ransomware deployment. The multi-faceted approach being employed now by many bad actors makes...