CyberAngel Protects Data, Helps Recover Stolen Laptops

June 22, 2006
System offers data protection, tracking and recovery

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - CyberAngel(R) Security Solutions, Inc. (CSS, Inc.), a leading provider of Data Protection and Tracking & Recovery products, is combating computer theft in right outside of our nation's capital. Last October, a saleswoman in Troy MI had her office broken into and two laptop computers stolen. Several other businesses in her building were also victims of theft that evening. She was lucky that her company uses The CyberAngel(R) to protect information and provide recovery in case of theft for all of their computers.

Last week, the computer started covertly contacting The CyberAngel Security Monitoring Center, reporting its location, now in Alexandria VA. With cooperation between the Troy and Alexandria Police Departments, recovery of the victim's computer occurred shortly thereafter.

The CyberAngel Recovery Team maintained constant contacted with the client during the recovery phase. With the Data Protection provided by The CyberAngel ensuring the security of the confidential information on that computer, no cost for Security Breach Notification was incurred by his parent company. Upon the laptop's return, the laptop owner was relieved to see that all of her sensitive information was still secure and intact, protected by The CyberAngel's encryption technology.

"You're kidding me! You guys are awesome!" exclaimed Renae B. of Troy MI, when told of her stolen laptop recovery. "After several months, I had given up. To get that call that they had recovered my laptop was just awesome. I cannot say it enough!"

Information and Identity Theft due to a stolen or breached computer is on the rise, and the importance of data protection and recovery options is becoming vital. Recent CyberAngel recoveries include Lexington KY, Ft. Worth TX, Nashville TN, Alexandria MN, and with a recovery ratio over 80%, The CyberAngel is helping fight back. The CyberAngel is a proven security solution, providing Real Time Information Security and Tracking & Recovery for lost or stolen computers, and offers real value to the desktop, laptop, and tablet computer markets.