PostX Supplies E-Security to Leading Defense Electronics Contractor

Jan. 6, 2006
Encrypted email communications provided to Sypris Electronics

CUPERTINO, Calif. - PostX, the leader in the delivery of encrypted email communications for businesses and consumers, today announced that Sypris Electronics, LLC, a subsidiary of Sypris Solutions, Inc., has chosen the PostX secure messaging platform as its primary email encryption solution for ensuring that all ad-hoc email communication that passes through the Sypris Electronics email infrastructure is protected by the most advanced and user-friendly encryption technology.

Sypris Electronics is a recognized market leader in providing integrated electronics manufacturing services, engineering services and information assurance products to the Defense, Aerospace and Homeland Security markets. As a contractor dealing primarily with government agencies it was essential that the solution deployed use the highest level of available encryption, be transparent to the senders, and easy to use for recipients.

"Email communication has become the cornerstone of business, and government is no exception," said Vic Wheatman, managing vice president, Gartner. "Given the increase in the use of email to send sensitive information and the advanced measures being taken to steal that sensitive information for competitive or other purposes; securing email has become one of the highest priorities for businesses today."

The PostX platform is easy-to-deploy, cost-effective, and dramatically reduces the time and effort typically required to deploy a comprehensive security solution of its kind. Users are able to send sensitive materials without requiring recipients outside of the network to download additional software or plug-ins.

"PostX was carefully selected due to the highly sensitive nature of Sypris Electronics' daily e-communication and overall business," said Darin Garner, director of information technology, Sypris Electronics. "PostX has a proven reputation as the solution of choice among a number of industries including healthcare, financial services and telecommunications offering the highest-level of encryption standards required to manage the security of email for a business like Sypris."

One of the key advantages of the PostX approach is the complete integration of multiple secure delivery methods. Messages are delivered through an easy to administer policy management system, which utilizes the PostX security and privacy lexicons to make message-level encryption decisions. The company's solution boasts complete interoperability with any email infrastructure, and offers the scalability needed to govern even the most complex network.

"In this age of increased government compliance some industries are held to higher standards than others and PostX is ready to assist those companies in deploying the most comprehensive email security system on the market today," said Scott Olechowski, vice president of product strategy, PostX. "Sypris, as a manufacturer of complex government electronic solutions, requires the maximum amount of protection for the company and the government agencies it works with. We are happy to be able to give the company and its customers' piece of mind."