Aventail Joins Microsoft's Network Access Protection Program

Dec. 15, 2004
SSL VPN product company Aventail Corporation has joined Microsoft's newly launched Network Access Protection program

SEATTLE -- Leading SSL VPN product company Aventail Corporation announced it has joined Microsoft's newly launched Network Access Protection (NAP) program. Network Access Protection is a policy enforcement component of the Microsoft Windows Server operating system, allowing IT professionals to set policy that restricts clients from accessing a network until the clients can prove policy compliance.

Aventail's Unified Policy and End Point Control fit ideally with Network Access Protection, as it allows network administrators to set granular access controls via the Aventail SSL VPN based on user identity and the security of the end device.

"The security and control an SSL VPN provides for remote access is a crucial component of remote access. We welcome Aventail's involvement in the Network Access Protection Partner Program," said Steve Anderson, a director in the Window Server group.

As part of its interoperability, Aventail will integrate with Microsoft's native application programming interfaces (APIs) associated with Network Access Protection. Aventail already integrates with Microsoft's Single Sign-On (SSO) for Microsoft Windows IIS web servers, providing simpler and more secure SSO capability, and provides close integration and access to a broad range of Microsoft applications.

Microsoft's Network Access Protection is designed to encourage interoperability of complimentary technologies and maximize security against viruses and malware when computers access corporate networks. Interoperability with best-of-breed technologies is an integral part of Aventail's overall strategy. Through these partnerships, Aventail ensures interoperability with leading companies, such as McAfee, NetContinuum, Radware, RSA, Sygate, Symantec, VeriSign, Whole Security, and Zone Labs.

"Like Microsoft's Network Access Protection, Aventail's End Point Control framework is built on an open architectural model, ensuring that the Aventail SSL VPN easily and seamlessly interoperates with other security technologies," explained Sarah Daniels, vice president, product management and marketing, Aventail. "We are pleased to collaborate with Microsoft on the Network Access Protection program and will continue to ensure that our customers maximize the flexibility and value of their information security investments."