Raytheon buys government IT security solutions company

April 18, 2008
SI Government Solutions to join Raytheon's IIS division

Raytheon today announced it has purchased SI Government Solutions, a company that provides security software to the U.S. intelligence community. Neither company revealed the purchase price.

SI Government Solutions was founded in February 2005 and offered information security vulnerability analyses and security testing for government agencies involved in classified projects. SI Government Solutions was a spin-off from Security Innovations, which has provided roughly the same services for the traditional corporate sector.

Raytheon has operated such solutions under its Intelligence and Information Systems (IIS) business, focusing on cyber security for both government and critical infrastructure. The IIS group, which employees some 9,000 persons worldwide and has business revenues of approximately $2.7 billion, also recently acquired Oakley Networks (now known as Raytheon Oakley Systems), which provided cyber-security controls and enterprise IT security monitoring.

Michael Keebaugh, president of Raytheon's IIS division, said the acquisition of SI Government Solutions had the benefits of "further strengthening our growth in this [security vulnerability and testing] area and enabling Raytheon to create a world-class, end-to-end information assurance and information operations capability."

Courtesy Getty Images -- Kunakorn Rassadornyindee
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