Secure64 obtains $3.7M in funding

Sept. 3, 2008
Financing to help expand sales, marketing of company's DNS products

Secure64 Software Corporation has completed a $3.7 million round of Series A, preferred funding. This round was raised from a consortium of private investors and institutions. Funds principally will be used to expand Secure64's sales and marketing efforts and to rollout additional products in Secure64's DNS product line.

"These funds enable us to take advantage of the tremendous market opportunity in front of us. All of our DNS products are immune to malware, are unaffected by high volume denial of service attacks, and deploy in a simple and resource-efficient manner. This unique approach allows organizations to reduce costs and risk by breaking the time consuming hardening and patch management cycle. We have also announced a product that simplifies and automates DNSSEC, which is the only known complete solution to the recently disclosed cache poisoning vulnerability. DNSSEC deployment enables a quantum leap in trust for the Internet," said Steve Goodbarn, CEO and Director of Secure64.

"Since our founding, Secure64 has focused on establishing our software products as the trusted standard for secure and always-available applications," continued Goodbarn. "With this round of funding, we can expand our trusted standard to more products and more markets."

According to Robert Whiteley, a network infrastructure analyst at Forrester Research, "Today's networks are part of a mission-critical IT infrastructure fabric. They provide the "dial tone" of IT -an always-on, always-available service for connecting to data and applications. But most companies don't invest in the infrastructure that's needed to support this dial tone. Forgotten services like DHCP, DNS, and RADIUS are critical network services components that dictate availability. Yet most are woefully out of date, stagnating on non-enterprise-grade infrastructure, with few security mechanisms."