Absolute launches Computrace Mobile for wireless devices

June 10, 2008
Solution allows IT to secure devices, remotely control files

VANCOUVER , June 10 - Absolute Software Corporation, the leading provider of patented computer theft recovery, data protection and Secure Asset Tracking solutions announced today the general availability of Computrace Mobile. Based on the successful Computrace desktop and laptop management solution from Absolute, the addition of Computrace Mobile allows organizations to manage and secure their supported handheld devices within their mobile computer population.

Computrace Mobile gives organizations the ability to centrally manage their handheld devices and remotely delete all or select files. IT administrators can install Computrace Mobile on supported handheld devices, enabling organizations to delete sensitive data from lost or stolen devices and reduce costs associated with managing mobile devices and users, ensuring compliance with policies and producing reports.

Computrace Mobile is supported on all Windows Mobile(R) 5 and 6 handheld devices including popular models like the MOTO Q, Treo 750 and Samsung BlackJack. In 2007, the worldwide sales to end users of devices using Windows Mobile rose to 14.7 million devices, which was an 86.9% increase compared to 2006. (Gartner Dataquest, Market Share: Smartphones, Worldwide, 4Q07 and 2007, March 2008 .)

"Computrace Mobile underscores our commitment to provide our customers with the tools they need to manage all their computing assets from a single, integrated user interface," said John Livingston , Chairman and CEO of Absolute Software. "Organizations have traditionally struggled to manage mobile assets like laptops and handheld devices. For many, this has complicated efforts to comply with the growing presence of data privacy regulation. With the availability of Computrace Mobile, Absolute is uniquely positioned to provide an asset management and data delete tool for mobile devices to help organizations avoid costly data breach penalties."

Computrace Mobile delivers:
- The industry's only one-stop solution for the management of all remote computers and handhelds owned by an organization.
- Reduced operational costs associated with managing mobile devices by leveraging the Computrace platform's integrated Customer Center reporting for hardware, software and user information.
- An additional layer of data protection and increased compliance with government data breach laws through Remote Data Delete capabilities.

Prior to general availability, Absolute conducted a beta test and received positive feedback:

After running the beta test, Brian Kelly , Director of Information Security and Network Operations at Quinnipiac University said, "Quinnipiac University is always concerned about the security of our devices and the data stored on them. We can now use Computrace Mobile to manage and track mobile assets, giving us visibility into a previously unmanaged area. Additionally Computrace Mobile supports the full range of Secure Data Delete operations."

More information about Computrace Mobile can be found at www.absolute.com/mobile.

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