Permeo Delivers Patient Information Security to Hospital in France

June 29, 2005
Permeo's Base5 used to provide doctors with secure access to confidential patient information

AUSTIN, Texas -- Permeo Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of secure remote access solutions, today announced that Le Centre Hospitalier Hotel Dieu du Creusot, a public hospital located just north of Lyons, France, has deployed Permeo Base5 to provide doctors with secure access to confidential patient information and allow them to make patient diagnoses remotely.

Le Centre Hospitalier Hotel Dieu du Creusot is one of four main hospitals in the vast region of Saone et Loire. With a limited number of doctors and specialists to staff all four hospitals, Le Centre Hospitalier Hotel Dieu du Creusot needed to find a way to maintain a high quality of service outside normal business hours, when there was a lack of specialized staff on-site.

One solution to addressing the problem of understaffed hospitals was to provide remote access to an imaging server installed at the hospital. The Permeo Base5 solution, with native application support and advanced information protection, allows doctors and specialists to securely access these images remotely in the event that there is no doctor available on-site and a diagnosis is needed immediately.

With remote access to radiographies stored on the imaging server, doctors can make a diagnosis from any location. Deploying Permeo Base5 provided doctors easy, secure access to their patients' information from their home computers or from other hospitals in the region, allowing the hospital to continue to maintain a high level of service for their patients.

"We were looking for an easy-to-manage solution that could support complex applications and maintain a high level of security," said M. Sylvain Allard, network engineer at Le Centre Hospitalier Hotel Dieu du Creusot. "Permeo's user-friendly solution gives doctors, no matter where they're located, immediate and easy access to the patient information they need."

Permeo Base5 extends SSL VPN and endpoint security services to any user and virtually any application, without the complexity of integrating multiple vendor solutions. It provides a unified policy enforcement and management framework that fully integrates SSL VPN, information control, browser security, malware protection, and host integrity checks. A patent-pending session layer technology uniquely enables a "zero-touch" deployment model in which no remote client administration is ever required for the delivery of connectivity and endpoint security capabilities.

"Providing doctors and clinicians with easy, secure remote access to patient records is crucial for hospitals and other healthcare organizations looking to advance quality of service for their patients. This is especially true in the case of Le Centre Hospitalier Hotel Dieu du Creusot," said Michael Bennett, CEO at Permeo Technologies. "Their deployment of our solution clearly demonstrates how a hospital can implement technology to reduce costs, increase efficiency of doctors and clinicians, and ensure compliance with confidentiality regulations."

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