M-Tech Debuts Single Sign-On Identity Management Product

June 9, 2005
Early adopters to beta-test P-Synch/SSO during next few months

M-Tech Information Technology, Inc., a provider of identity management (IdM) solutions, today announced an expansion of its identity management suite, with the introduction of a new single sign-on solution, P-Synch/SSO. Early adopters will beta-test the new technology over the next few months.

P-Synch/SSO is a unique enterprise single sign-on system (E-SSO) which leverages M-Tech's password synchronization technology. Both password synchronization and single sign-on address the usability problems created by password complexity. Password synchronization reduces the number of passwords that a user must remember, while single sign-on reduces the number of login IDs and passwords that a user must enter, which is typically once per day.

"We see an increasing demand for SSO functionality to compliment password management and user provisioning. Maturation of the Windows OS in the past few years has made it easier to deploy desktop software and addresses one of the traditional objections to E-SSO, namely, E-SSO software roll-out. This has led to a renewed interest in E-SSO technology," says Idan Shoham, M-Tech's CTO.

Even with a mature software distribution infrastructure, many organizations that deploy an E-SSO solution continue to experience a high total cost of ownership (TCO) for the technology. Current E-SSO solutions require organizations to build a credential database, containing every login ID and every password in their network. Assembling and maintaining this data set is both time consuming and expensive.

"P-Synch/SSO is uniquely designed to lower the TCO of single sign-on solutions by eliminating the credential database entirely. This new technology will drastically reduce deployment time and costs for ESSO," adds Shoham.

P-Synch/SSO is scheduled for general release in Q4/2005. To participate in the P-Synch/SSO beta test program, visit http://psynch.com/ssobeta/.

Courtesy Getty Images -- Kunakorn Rassadornyindee
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