ViON Corporation announces new solutions data protection and cloud storage

June 26, 2013
Company continues strategic shift drawing on three decades of data center integration experience

Herndon, VA. – June 26, 2013 – ViON Corporation, since 1980 a provider of enterprise-level servers and storage to government data centers, today announced the addition of new solutions in two key areas: cloud storage and data protection. The move continues the company’s shift to a solutions-based approach to its business, begun in April 2013 with an initial set of solutions for data protection as well as server and storage virtualization.

“ViON continues to expand on our solution-driven capabilities to meet our customers’ changing needs,” said Tom Frana, President and CEO of ViON. “Private cloud solutions, for example, allow us to meet end users’ needs for agility and scalability while still protecting the organization.”

According to Carl Fulp, CTO and Vice President of Product Management at ViON, “At this time, we are introducing a new solutions area in cloud storage and services, and we are also adding to our data protection offerings with archiving solutions that provide active archive capabilities and cloud-enabled object storage.”

Mr. Fulp went on to explain that the new archiving and cloud-enabled object storage solutions would provide the underlying technology for ViON’s first cloud storage and services offering. This offering is a file sync and share solution that the company also announced today.

ViON’s focus on data protection recognizes the urgent need to maintain and protect growing amounts of data. The archiving solutions announced today are based on NAS archive technology from Crossroads Systems and on Hitachi Data Systems’ Hitachi Content Platform (HCP).

“We are excited to be a part of ViON’s solution focus,” said David Cerf, EVP of Business and Corporate Development for Crossroads Systems. “The combined capabilities provided by the Crossroads Strongbox product and by ViON’s tape partners provide a unique storage platform for data archiving and preservation.”

Hitachi Data Systems’ HCP also provides the base technology for the file sync and share solution that will be ViON’s first cloud offering. The new solution empowers organizations to deliver the services and security of the data center to end users regardless of platform or location.

“We’re pleased that our longtime partner ViON Corporation has selected our HCP and HCP Anywhere offerings in support of its recently announced data protection and cloud solutions,” said Mike Tanner, President & CEO of Hitachi Data Systems Federal Corporation. “HCP combined with HCP Anywhere will address ViON’s customer needs for a fully integrated, object-storage-based, on-premises solution for safe, secure file synchronization and sharing.”

ViON supports all of its solutions with two categories of advanced services. Ready-for-Use services ensure that systems are fully operational upon delivery and require no additional configuration or fine-tuning by the customer. Value-added services provide the expertise of experienced solution delivery consultants to assist in fully deploying complex solutions.

ViON will ultimately offer solutions in seven critical areas. The company will add more solutions for data protection, server and storage virtualization, and cloud storage and services, as well as continue to introduce new solution areas including big data enablement, motion video, open source storage and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).