Stanley Security Solutions Acquires Pinnacle Electronic Systems

March 15, 2006
Acquisition furthers Stanley's position in the correctional services market

Noblesville, IN – Stanley Security Solutions, Inc., a provider of access control and security solutions, today announced that it has acquired West Chester, Pennsylvania-based Pinnacle Electronic Systems, Inc.  Pinnacle Electronic Systems, a leader in providing security controls and monitoring systems in the correction facilities sector, will be integrated with Stanley Security Solutions to form Stanley Correctional Services.

With over 40 engineers, Stanley is a recognized developer of high-end custom solutions for the corrections industry. Pinnacle Electronic Solutions, prominent in the Northeast, excels at on-site project management, supervision and installation in corrections facilities.  Together, they will advance Stanley Correctional Services, enabling it to become the leading integrated security provider in the corrections industry. 

“Pinnacle Electronic Systems is another link in the chain of our continuing strategy to become the comprehensive and all encompassing access and security solutions provider to the corrections industry,” said David Beeler, director of national sales, for Stanley “The acquisition extends Stanley’s on-site installations, project management and supervision capabilities, completing Stanley Correctional Services portfolio of expertise and services.”

Mr. Beeler continue: “Ultimately, acquiring Pinnacle Electronic Solutions provides significant strategic and business advantages and further cements the Stanley Correctional Services competitive advantage via an enhanced solutions suite as well as facilitating a more effective, efficient installation capability.”  

As a result of the acquisition, Stanley Correctional Services has become a national organization with sales offices located in Indiana, California and Pennsylvania and service offices throughout the United States.  With over 600 projects completed across the United States, and numerous installations completed internationally, Stanley Correctional Services is quickly becoming one of the largest national security integrators within the corrections industry. 

To provide customers with the highest level of service, Stanley Correctional Services employs over 3,000 individuals, has 50 divisional offices, a 24-hour National Call Center and over 650 service vehicles on the road. Support staff provides immediate resolutions on any matter. Furthermore, their products are designed with the end user in mind, with particular attention to creating efficient, user friendly solutions.

Easy access to information saves both time and money.  Streamlined and efficient, Stanley Correctional Services’ system utilizes simple touch-screen technology.  The display features icons for each individual function and, with a single touch, information is accessible, minimizing screen jumping. Touch-screen features include the following:

- The Staff & Civilians Module enables a quick view and accounting of all personnel in the facility; - The Work Release Module manages inmate work release; - The Integrated Occurrence Log allows officers to directly enter their daily activities; - The Integrated Access System enables central control to open doors for daily routines; - Inmate information, often located on separate computer networks, can also be integrated. 

In addition to providing one-touch access to information, Stanley Correctional Service’s system is a powerful tool for obtaining information and maintaining detailed facility logs. 

Additionally, the data logger maintains a detailed log of facility activities.  The data logger records who was in the facility, when they were in the facility and where they went within the facility.  Furthermore, it is capable of recording conversations.  Records of such activity provide concrete evidence in court, curtailing potential law suits.

Stanley Correctional Services uses non-proprietary, off-the-shelf hardware and software that is easy to service.  Additionally, Stanley Correctional Services offers The Platinum Program, which allows facilities to lease the security electronics system.  The system is warranted for the life of the lease and at the end of the lease term new equipment, such as video, can be updated for the next lease term.