Homeland Security Integrator Strategy X Works to Obtain Line of Credit to Expand Business

June 15, 2005
Company negotiates for $3 million credit line, to help company expand in goverment services market

HARRISON, Maine -- STRATEGY X, Inc., homeland security specialists, is pleased to announce that its fast tracked growth plans are well underway as the company now negotiates for a $3,000,000 line of credit to assist in financing the growing work load from its teaming agreements with several Primary Department of Defense and Civilian Homeland Security contractors. Strategy X, to date, has received over $8,000,000 in confirmed Homeland Security contract work with the contract commencement schedules being finalized now. Over the next few years, the company is projecting over $35,000,000 Homeland Security contract work from its existing partners and well over $150,000,000 from its current negotiations. These cash flow projections are based on the estimated yearly Homeland Security contract workload increases as well as several new project assignments.

Clifford A. Lewis, President & CEO stated, "This type of funding is instrumental to our growth, we have a few offers we are assessing from different groups, this one is based on the strength of our contract deployments and not the share price of our common stock. Again, our strategy has been, and continues to be focused on swiftly moving into a Fortune status Homeland Security defense organization, these types of financing arrangements will help us establish that goal in short order. Our relationships and military track record enables us to receive many types of security contracts to deploy on a number of US Federal government assignments from the large primary department of defense contract holders. As we cannot always disclose the exact nature of our security assignments, contracts and negotiations but we are very confident that we will be growing a very large positive cash flow organization for our shareholders."