Everbridge announces launch of Everbridge 360 at GSX 2023

Sept. 12, 2023
Everbridge 360 combines the company’s Risk Intelligence, Communications, Collaboration, and Coordination capabilities into a single, modernized platform, streamlining operations and simplifying user experiences.

DALLAS, TX  September 12, 2023 – Everbridge, Inc., a global leader in critical event management (CEM) and national public warning software solutions, today announced the launch of Everbridge 360 at the Global Security eXchange (GSX) conference in Dallas, TX. Everbridge 360 empowers organizations to more effectively manage critical events, minimize communication delays, and improve overall operational resilience through the industry’s most advanced and unified dashboard.   

“At Everbridge, our mission is to ensure the safety of people and continuity of organizations in the face of critical events,” said David Wagner, Chief Executive Officer at Everbridge. “With Everbridge 360, we are taking resilience to the next level, providing our customers with a new, unified interface for streamlining critical event response – enabling organizations to know earlier, respond faster, and improve continuously to any crisis, business disruption, or IT incident.”

Everbridge 360 combines the company’s Risk Intelligence, Communications, Collaboration, and Coordination capabilities into a single, modernized platform, streamlining operations and simplifying user experiences. With its optimized user interface and streamlined workflows, Everbridge customers gain a range of benefits, including:

  • Reduced Mean Time to Communicate: Everbridge 360 accelerates critical communication and operational incident response processes, ensuring vital information reaches the right people in real-time, reducing response times during critical events. 
  • Faster Onboarding for New Users: The optimized features and user-friendly interface of Everbridge 360 enable quicker onboarding for new users, allowing organizations to fully leverage the platform's capabilities from the start. 
  • Minimized Errors in Communication: Everbridge 360 mitigates the risk of errors in sending communications, enhancing accuracy and reliability during critical situations.

Everbridge 360 will be generally available later this month. Organizations that took part in the early adopter program for Everbridge 360 shared the following feedback: 

“Everbridge 360 is intuitive and a game changer for bringing discipline to the critical event management process. The new interface dramatically reduces training time for getting our resilience response activated,” stated a multinational aerospace and defense technology company.

Other early adopters, including a leading global advertising and digital marketing organization, said, “Everbridge 360 sets a new benchmark for efficiency. The streamlined platform intuitively blends power and simplicity, presenting critical information in an accessible, all-in-one manner, and empowering us to make swift and accurate decisions in the heat of the moment.”

Bryan Barney, Chief Product Officer at Everbridge stated, “Everbridge 360 represents our relentless dedication to empowering customers to anticipate, prepare for, mitigate, respond to, and recover from critical events using intelligent automation technology.  As a company committed to keeping people safe and organizations running, the launch of Everbridge 360 is a testament to our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that transform how best-in-resilience enterprises ensure duty of care, business continuity, and IT uptime.” 

“Organizations are looking for an all-encompassing platform that boosts their ability to manage critical events and remain resilient in the face of a crisis,” said Rain Chiang, analyst at Verdantix. “Everbridge has introduced an enhanced user experience on a unified platform that expedites communications creation, reduces manual entry and opportunity for errors, while increasing time to value.” 

With Everbridge 360, users can seamlessly transition between applications within the Everbridge ecosystem, providing a cohesive experience that ensures faster, more accurate, and reliable response and communications. 

Everbridge 360 Key Enhancements 

  • Refreshed User Interface: Everbridge 360 offers a visually appealing, intuitive, and user-friendly interface.  
  • Simplified Workflows: Experience the power of streamlined communications and simplified processes with Everbridge 360.  
  • Customizable Critical Event Configuration: Tailor critical events to your organization's unique needs and leverage Everbridge pre-defined event categories for seamless incident response to any situation. 
  • Improved Platform Experience: Smoothly transition between Visual Command Center (VCC) and Everbridge Suite (EB Suite), unlocking the full potential of both with Everbridge 360. 
  • Enhanced Features: Everbridge 360 introduces new features for faster communication and reduced errors. Optimized features make onboarding a breeze, ensuring you hit the ground running.

The GSX conference provides a prime opportunity for attendees to witness live demonstrations of Everbridge 360 and experience firsthand how the platform can transform organizational resilience. We extend a warm invitation to visit Booth #1933 to interact with our experts, explore the features, and learn how Everbridge 360 can elevate your organization’s security and operations. 

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