Security Watch

Sept. 9, 2011
ASIS 2011, Ackerman Security Systems opens new facility, more

This year's 57th annual ASIS Seminar and Exhibits, slated for September 19 through 21, is two-fold, collocated with the first annual (ISC)2 Security Congress 2011 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla. Attendees of either ASIS 2011 or the Congress can attend networking and educational sessions offered by both organizations. Systems integrators can learn and network with IT security professionals, as well as physical security professionals, and attend new tracks for the security installer.

Get your education hat on

In addition to the opportunity to network with their IT peers, systems integrators and resellers will also have a chance to update their education and credentials. This year's conference will play host to a new Systems Integrator Educational Track specifically for systems solutions providers. Endorsed by PSA Security Network, Westminster, Colo., the new session track features practitioners in key vertical industries that will help systems integrators understand their biggest challenges and discover what end users expect from them. Topics include:

- Collaborative/Consultative Selling
- Design Your Best Physical Security Solution for the Corporate Security Campus
- Best Practices in Integrated School Security: K-12
- Securing the University: Meeting Threats Inside and Out
- Healthcare Security: Compliance, Protection and Diversity
- Transportation and Port Security Solutions
- Technology Solutions for Loss Prevention, Retail Security and Fighting Organized Retail Crime
- Critical Infrastructure Security Solutions (Energy, Water, Gas)
- Pharmaceutical Campus and Plant Security Solutions

"This track presents an exciting and unique opportunity for systems integrators to strengthen their knowledge of their customers' service needs and technical requirements," noted lead developer of the new programs, Steve Surfaro, security industry liaison for Axis Communications, Chelmsford, Mass. "Systems integrators will walk away from these sessions better equipped to address these markets, provide meaningful solutions and reinforce their value to current and potential clients."

Visit to find out what else this year's show has in store for you. And don't miss our sneak peek at what technology solutions are being debuted this year. Turn to page 86 and read all about it.

Smith Micro Software Talks Video Mobility

Video is hot and with the security industry continuing to ride the wave, dealers and integrators need to understand how the mobile solutions and services they offer transcend across the networks available; and target their approach in the reliability of those solutions and services that they offer their customer.

If they are going to mobilize certain solutions, they have to question how a device with wireless capabilities will work over 3G. Over 4G? Over Wi-Fi?" explained Sunil Marolia, vice president of Product Management, Smith Micro Software, Aliso Viejo, Calif. "While they may be creating services that are great for a single device which is popular, they can't assume they are going to have 4G or other high-bandwidth networks as they may not have that. This could affect whatever product or service they are offering."

An industry leader in the mobile space, Smith Micro's Vidio platform is an all-in-one video transcoding and streaming solution that can deliver live data to the Web or any Web-enabled device. The solution is one that could help alleviate concerns of dealers or integrators who want to deliver additional services for a span of developing mobile devices and those that are currently available.

The tablet market, others growing

"There are more tablets than iPads right now but Android is coming up very quickly," Marolia confirmed. "We're seeing a lot of differentiation there and that is going to cause some fragmentation." He confirmed integrators and others in the security space have to think of how they will be able to support existing devices as well as emerging ones.

UL Honors Chicago Hometown Heroes

During the pre-game ceremony, UL announced donations to select fire and police charities on behalf of UL and in the names of Durbin, Kaczynski and Thorp. Durbin and Kaczynski threw out the ceremonial first pitches before the White Sox took on the Cleveland Indians. Photos: UL

Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Northbrook, Ill., held its annual Fire and Police Night in August during the Chicago White Sox game at U.S. Cellular Field. UL has sponsored the event since 2008, which pays respect to the thousands of Chicago fire and police professionals for their commitment to protecting the community.

Pre-game awards to police and fire

During a pre-game ceremony, Chicago Fire Commissioner Robert Huff recognized Chicago Fire Fighter Jason Durbin with the Carter Harrison Award for his courageous actions when he saved a woman trapped on the 28th floor of a burning building. Police Sergeant Jason Kaczynski and Police Officer Kimberly Thorp were also recognized by Chicago Police Commander Eric Carter for their actions in apprehending a suspect while under gunfire.

Ackerman Parlays Success into New Brick & Mortar

Ackerman Security Systems, one of Atlanta's fastest growing systems integrators, opened a new, 32,000-square-foot facility with technology demonstration center, to accommodate rapid expansion and provide new jobs. Ackerman serves approximately 70,000 customers in the area and has 258 employees. It expects to increase its workforce by 25 percent in 2012. Center, JoAnna Sohovich, president of Honeywell Security, congratulates Ackerman management (left to right): Mike Sandes, vice president; Jeff Cohen, chief financial officer; Jim Callahan, chief operating officer; Bruce Turry, chief executive officer; and Bill Rawlings, director of Operations. Ackerman is a Honeywell First Alert Professional Dealer. Photo courtesy Honeywell Security

Steelbox Targets Bandwidth Challenges

Steelbox, Alpharetta, Ga., released SteelVision, a new line designed for integrators to manage IP bandwidth.

Both integrators and end users need to be able to manage the bandwidth for and access to growing amounts of digital video data across Internet protocol-based networks more effectively, said Nik Moissiadis, president of the Steelbox division of Adtech. "This introduction enables Steelbox for the first time to offer integrators an end-to-end IP video surveillance solution that manages bandwidth while it collects, replicates and distributes it quickly," he said.

The heart of the solution is the SteelSwitch network media appliance engine, built specifically for aggregating and distributing digital video; SteelVault, an intelligent video storage system; and the SteelEdge codec series. SteelSwitch has the capacity-up to 1.5 Gb/s of incoming data and another 3 Gb/s of outgoing data-to collect and distribute IP, megapixel and HD video streams increasingly common on digital surveillance networks of all sizes.

Steelbox Networks went into receivership in November 2008, with Adtech Corporation acquiring its assets in January 2009, paving the way to re-enter the industry.