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Loss Prevention Solutions

OpenEye POS Connect

March 8, 2023
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Perimeter Security

Spate of mass shootings shows continued challenges with ‘soft targets’

Jan. 31, 2023
The wave of shootings that gripped the western U.S. recently served as a reminder to the security industry that many other “soft targets” remain vulnerable to attack.
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Industry News

Many businesses not changing security strategy despite crime surge: survey

Jan. 20, 2023
Despite the rising crime, 42% of businesses haven’t changed their security strategy, said Pro-Vigil Surveillance Services in its third annual “The State of Physical Security” ...
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Video Surveillance

A case study: car dealership uses VIVOTEK Security Solutions for multi-use applications

Jan. 18, 2023
A video surveillance system was requested to detect damage of any and every size as the vehicle entered the dealership’s service bay to be able to dispute any unwarranted claims...
ADT Commercial is developing a humanoid robot with robotics company Halodi Robotics. It will be of its EvoGuard guarding solutions brand.

ADT Commercial unveils EvoGuard intelligent autonomous security solutions brand at CES 2023

Jan. 11, 2023
The new suite of intelligent autonomous guarding solutions and services is aimed at helping to cost-effectively enhance corporate security programs, while responding to high turnover...