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Oct. 27, 2008
Tech Teams/UL 2050

Manpower Requirements
How many techs do you normally send out on a job for the following type of jobs: residential install; commercial install and changeovers?

A: Service is a one-man endeavor in most cases, where reconstruction/rewiring is not required. On the other hand, when it comes to installation jobs, there is a big difference between two techs and a team. A team will operate better on any size job. Two techs will manage to use up the time allocated to the simplest task. An effective manager will know how to pair up his manpower for maximum effect and create a winning team attitude.

Offering bonus points to a single tech so he’ll out perform others is a set up for disaster. It is better to harness your staff’s intellect and creativity than to engage in a game of wits with them.

These employees are your eyes and ears out there; they are the personification of your corporate image. Your business relies on their ability and willingness to deal with customer service issues, and use their experience to keep the route between point A and point B as short as possible.

Alarm System Standard
What is UL 2050 and where can I obtain a copy of it?

A: UL 2050 is the standard that describes the operation, supervision, investigation, servicing and maintenance of alarm systems that are certificated as National Industrial Security Systems. The requirements for the placement of equipment in the area being protected are described in UL 681. Thus an alarm service company that is listed by UL has demonstrated knowledge of both UL 2050 and UL 681. If an alarm service company assigns the monitoring to others, it is responsible for the performance of the monitoring organization.

The distribution of UL 2050 is controlled to limit the distribution to the U.S. You must define an individual who is responsible for the control of each copy of the standard that is released.

Individuals wishing to obtain a copy must provide a written request on company letterhead outlining the reason for the request and identifying the individual who will act as the custodian of the copy that will be released. When a request is approved, a serially numbered copy is assigned to that individual and that person becomes responsible for its control.

Currently, UL has three operating regions in the U.S. for the Alarm System Certificate Service: East Coast, Midwest, and West Coast.

For further information on UL 2050 contact:
Pete Tallman CET,
[email protected]
Alarm System Certificate Services
Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
1285 Walt Whitman Road
Melville, NY 11747
Phone 631-271-6200 Ext. 22415

Also please note that UL now has customer service professionals available to handle all of your non-technical matters and deliver fast and efficient service to meet your needs. They can be reached between 7 AM – 6 PM EST Monday – Friday in the U.S. @ 1-877-ULHELPS (1-877-854-3577).

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