The Emergence of Image

Oct. 27, 2008

Dear Readers:

After a dose of convention show whirlwind tours over the last few months, I always get to see first hand some of the new product innovations being introduced. This time was no different. I gathered lots of product information that I will be sharing with readers in the coming months. What struck me more than the products themselves, however, was the attitude adjustment the industry is experiencing.

It would appear that the security industry marketing folks are waking up to the fact that “Security” as an entity has gained global attention. Also, they are beginning to capitalize on the public’s astute awareness that security is important. Knowledge is power in their view.

Branding is a term that many major security manufacturers are bringing up these days in response to this public awakening regarding security. Brand is defined as a name, sign, symbol or design, or some combination of these, used to identify a product and to differentiate it from competitors’ products. In order to build strong, long-term consumer attitudes towards security products, major manufacturers are counting on their image in the public’s eyes as quality companies.

It is their feeling that the strong attitude or attachment consumers have towards their particular brand will extend to their security line of products. It is known as Brand Leveraging—broadening a company’s product range by introducing additional forms or types of products under a brand name that is already successful in another category.

The thinking among the major manufacturers I am referring to (I believe you all know their names) is that, when you visit a prospective client, that end user is going to request XYZ brand. This may be a blessing or a curse for dealers. If you feel that particular company makes quality security products, that the brand in question fits the client’s needs, is the right product for the job and you have a good relationship with the company, you can easily fulfill the client’s request.

On the other hand, you might face an uphill battle of having to sway the customer to the equipment you are familiar with. You can tell the customer they will receive a better price on what you are suggesting or that you feel it is a far superior system. You also have the option of getting up to speed on the brand in question. You could be pleasantly surprised at what you discover.

Security dealers are not always recognized for marketing expertise. One very important aspect of selling brands is that these major manufacturers offer award-winning marketing support materials. They contain the familiar name, logo and symbol combined with top notch graphics and copy to really impress your customers.