The Electric Bullet

Oct. 27, 2008
Topping the Tech Update Chart

Take Control of Your Home...Honeywell’s Automation Server lets homeowners control household appliances and electronics by voice, computer, phone or personal digital assistant (PDA). Users can store movies, music and digital photos in one central location, making them available throughout the house. The Automation Server is a turnkey solution that provides homeowners with the benefit of complete control over home technology and entertainment.

The Automation Server recently made its prime-time television debut on ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, where it was installed for a blind man and his family who can now control thermostats, the security system, lighting, the coffee maker and more, all by voice.

Because the Automation Server contains a pre-integrated platform, builders and integrators can easily install their preferred brands of lighting, appliances or HVAC controls. Programming the system is also simple. Along with the chance to sell a larger suite of automation and control products, the Automation Server provides an opportunity for recurring monthly revenue (RMR) by offering value-added service and maintenance programs.

The Automation Server is based on state-of-the-art technologies from Intel, Microsoft and other industry leaders. It is housed in a computer that runs on Windows XP Professional and is used specifically for automation and control applications to ensure reliability and stability.

The Honeywell Automation Server is now available in two kits: one for homebuilder design centers, and one for integrators. For more information, visit, or e-mail [email protected].

At home or on the run...OzVision is taking its integrated video for monitoring services a step further with a new IP receiver designed specifically for central stations. The Ozline-4LS enables the stations to provide verification, e-mail notification, look-in exploration capabilities and store video on demand remotely. The unit utilizes the new video compression technology, ME-JPEG II. Other enhanced capabilities include local video recording, the ability to receive video clips from four cameras simultaneously, multiple transmission options and support for POS.

A key feature of the OzLine-4LS for addressing false alarms is its ability to instantly prioritize incoming alarms by sending just a few frames to the dispatcher before the entire video clip comes through—providing a “quick peek” into the causes of the event.

In addition to the OzLine-4LS, OzVision has also introduced its new 2-channel OzLine family of products to address the needs of the mobile market for video services, as well as residential and smaller commercial applications. The 2-channel units provide a low-cost solution with the potential to open up the residential market for video monitoring. For more information, please visit: