New Products August '05

Oct. 27, 2008

No More Manual Calculations
Lite-Calcs 2.0 software from Fire-Lite is a second-generation software program that offers new features and enhancements for developing voltage drop calculations for fire alarm control panels, Notification Appliance Circuits (NAC), and auxiliary power supplies. This software spells good news for installers seeking an automatic alternative to manually calculating voltage drops along a NAC. Improvements in this version include a user-friendly database for editing, adding, and deleting parts. Lite-Calcs 2.0 also allows users to save and easily access frequently used notification appliances through its newly added Favorites feature. Its updated design also has a feature to store job information and contacts in a database for use in future calculations. For more information, visit

Horn/Strobe Releases
Gentex Corporation announces the release of the Mass Notification Strobe and Horn/Strobe products. The units are designed for warning and emergency applications, including security, severe weather, evacuation and emergency response. They’re available in amber, blue, green and red colors. The units are available for wall and ceiling mount application. A weatherproof wall mount model and faceplates are also available in red or white. The Mass Notification units are equipped with Gentex features including Super-Slide For Ease of Supervision and Checkmate, and Instant Voltage Verification features. The line is UL 1638 and UL 464 listed. For more information, visit

Half Inch Gap Contacts
Standard Gap 20RS Series contacts from G.R.I. now offer a Wide Gap feature at one half inch plus, (?” +) at no extra charge. Because of this change in gaps, the G.R.I. 20RS Wide Gap is now obsolete and the 20RS Extra Wide Gaps remain the same at 1” Plus.

Biometric Fingerprint Access Control Solution
The BioRead 1000 Fingerprint Access System from International Electronics, Inc. (IEI) is a finger-only biometric solution specifically designed for small stand alone applications. The BioRead 1000 stores fingerprint templates of up to 90 users. A hand-held programmer is used to initiate enrollment and other programming functions. It can be installed to send a Wiegand signal for each successful fingerprint authentication. For more information, visit

Got You Covered
This Mini Stopper from STI (STI-6500) is a multipurpose cover designed for use with single gang keypads, light switches or emergency shutdown switches. Without restricting legitimate access, this cover protects smaller flush mounted units from accidental activation. The strong, durable construction takes the toughest knocks while it guards against accidental or intentional physical damage. It can also protect against dirt, dust and grime with the use of a gasket. It consists of a tamperproof, clear polycarbonate shield and frame that fits easily over the unit it is protecting. For more information, visit

Video Balun
Cyrex Networks announce the new CBLNT video balun. This model is rated at 1500ft and offers a convenient 6” tail that allows the installer to conveniently fit multiple baluns to a DVR. Designed with dual termination capability, the CBLNT can be connected with RJ45 jack or 2 wire terminal connection. For more information, visit or call 1 888 MY CYREX.

Making A Connection
Tane Alarm Products is now producing connectors for CCTV which includes a wide range of high quality BNC jacks, plugs, and adapters. Tane is including 3 ferrels on their 2 pc. Crimp-in BNCs at no additional charge. This will enable dealers to stock one part that fits a broader range of cables on 2 pc standard and right angle BNC plugs. For more information, visit

In-Ground Detection System
Perimitrax, an in-ground perimeter intrusion detection sensor, is a new offering from Magal-Senstar, Inc. Perimitrax works by generating an invisible electromagnetic radio-frequency detection field around buried sensor cables. The system identifies intruders moving through the field based on their mass and movement, and gives advanced warning to security forces of an intrusion or escape attempt. The sensor is completely covert, does not affect site appearance, is terrain-following and ignores environmental effects and small animals. The sensor cables can be used for power distribution, data collection and communication, remote sensor test and calibration, and remote control of auxiliary sensors and devices. For more information, visit

A Networked Based Intercom
The new IP Series network based intercom from Aiphone, the IP-EWST, offers voice-quality intercom function over TCP/IP based networks. It’s capable of hundreds of stations, fulfilling a large variety of applications including commercial, industrial, and residential access control; general security, office, and institutional intercom/paging, and many more. The IP-EWST integrates seamlessly into a new or existing LAN / WAN infrastructure. Its’ Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability is also supported when using the IP-EWST-POE only, allowing greater installation flexibility for both new and retrofit applications. For more information, visit

Manage Calls
GL Communications Inc releases its “network based” Call Management Utility - Version 2.0 with new and enhanced features for voice logging. GL’s Call Management Utility (CMU) is a powerful “voice call logging” application that can be used to remotely monitor, record, and log every voice call occurring at any or multiple points in a voice network (TDM or VoIP). It’s able to listen to active calls or recorded calls remotely and in real-time. For more information, visit

Rack ‘Em Up
Winsted is offering new accessories for its Pro Series II vertical rack cabinets, making it even easier to build a rack to suit your specific needs. The Pro Series II vertical rack cabinets feature adjustable tapped front and rear rack rails and new gusseted horizontal supports for additional strength. New Pro Series II accessories include a vented top panel with mounting bracket for a cooling fan, a set of 4 locking side panels for added security and 10-inch fan to keep your electronics cool. The 10-inch fan includes a 5-foot power cord, two finger guards and a 10 1/2-inch blank panel for mounting in the top of the Pro Series II vertical rack. New 7-inch wiring spacers help keep the back of vertical racks free of clutter when bolting racks in-line by routing cables and wires into the spacer. The spacer is open top-to-bottom with a bolt-on top panel. Removable front and rear doors allow easy access to all cabling. For more information, visit

The Auditcon Legacy
The newly released Auditcon 2 Series locks from Kaba Mas offer improved serviceability, faster power-up, and uploadable programming to make securing your valuables easier. The Auditcon family of electronic locks was developed to address the security requirements of a broad range of retail, commercial and industrial markets. Auditcon uses PowerStar technology so its security cannot be compromised by outside manipulation. For more information, visit

Video Switching and Control System
New from Honeywell is MAXPRO-Net, a CPU-based video switching and control system. Its architecture is designed to offer expansion choices – from small matrix solutions to complete, networked systems that integrate access, fire, BMS, intercom and perimeter systems. Pan-tilt-zoom cameras, digital video recorders, videocassette recorders, motion detectors and other video processing equipment can be incorporated into the control system, giving users complete management of all security devices within a facility from one central location. All system functions are controlled through one keyboard and an easy-to-use, Windows-based graphical user interface. For more information, visit

Access the Code Codelocks, the newest access line from Boyle & Chase, offers a cost effective, stand alone solution. Codelocks ranges from mechanical to electronic, residential or heavy-duty commercial, one code or multiple users. They are now available in each model, function, and finish including cover plates, deadbolts or latches. To discuss an upcoming application, request literature or obtain pricing, visit or call 800-325-2530.

Mobile Capture
RX-M1 from Extreme CCTV is the mobile version of REG-ALERT. Designed for vehicle-mounted applications, it is a fully automatic license plate capture system, powered directly by the car’s cigarette lighter. The RX-M1 accurately and reliably captures, reads and stores thousands of plates per hour, eliminating hours of manual data entry. The system also outputs real-time alarms on positive matches against a “hot list” of wanted vehicles so that immediate action can be taken. For more information, visit

Unifying All Functions
GE’s Security’s Facility Commander Version 2.1 offers both expanded integration functionalities and a powerful new drag-and-drop camera feature. A standards-based command and control integration platform, Facility Commander 2.1 allows integration of access control, video surveillance and alarm management functions, within a single screen.

Facility Commander 2.1 provides an open architecture with interoperability where an event from one system can automatically trigger actions to occur in other systems. Built-in drivers support GE’s Picture Perfect and Secure Perfect access control systems. The product uses the latest components in Java technology, is based on IT standards, and runs on commercial off-the-shelf platforms. Facility Commander also provides interoperability between security systems from different vendors. For more information, visit

Audio Evac Systems Expand
Expanding on the features and benefits of the ACC-25/50 and ACC-25/50ZS, Fire-Lite introduces its newly distributed audio and zone splitter panels. The enhanced ACC-25/50DA audio panel increases the available wattage of the system to over 1500 watts of crystal-clear digital audio power; the ACC-25/50ZS zone splitter panel increases the zone splitter capability up to a total of 24 separate audio circuits. With significant technological enhancements, including full supervision in both active and standby conditions, the ACC25/50 Series provides up to five customizable messages. The system also features full manual paging to allow first responders to provide precise evacuation directions to occupants. These emergency communications systems are ideal for schools, auditoriums, dorms, theatres, restaurants, places of worship, lodging facilities, assisted living facilities, office buildings and factories. For more information, visit

Get Smart
Indala’s FlexSmart Series encompasses an extensive range of 13.56 MHz Contactless Smart Card solutions. It includes the DESFire ISO 14443A high security Government Smart Card (GSC)-compliant reader range to the popular MIFARE(R) ISO 14443A to entry-level ISO 15693 readers. Features include full sector/file programmability, encryption key management, and outputs such as Wiegand and ABA Track 2. The new product sizes include conventional mullion and PIN pad readers. For more information, visit

House Arrest
AES-IntelliNet releases the IntelliGuard 7470 for home arrest monitoring. It integrates with an existing AES-IntelliNet wireless mesh alarm monitoring network for alarm monitoring. This system can monitor a person via a radio transmitter connected to the wrist, which reports the presence or absence of the person in the home. An AES-IntelliNet transceiver sends data from the offender’s wristband transmitter through the dealer-operated AES-IntelliNet wireless radio network to a central location. If the subject wearing the bracelet unit leaves the monitoring range, a “signal absent” message is sent. For more information, visit

Line of Products
MDI’s ViewPoint line of proprietary advanced video security management products includes an affordable line of digital video recorders, IP cameras, high-speed pan-tilt dome cameras, high-resolution CCD cameras, infrared cameras, fixed & varifocal lenses and housing. The ViewPoint digital video recorder i9000 and i8000 series allow users to pull live or recorded video from multiple servers into a single browser-based management console. Additional features include MPEG4 high-quality video compression, digital watermarking, and advanced smart search technology. The ViewPoint 20/20 digital camera series offers a competitive and affordable selection of video products that include high resolution image quality, day/night modes, vandal resistant domes, motion detection and more. For more information, visit

Mobile Time-Lapse VCR

The new MVR-960W Mobile Time-Lapse video recorder from Matco, Inc. is specially designed for mobile surveillance applications. Substantially smaller than previous VCR devices, the MVR-960W is powered by a 12V DC supply and has a backup battery for setup for 30 days. It offers 960 hours of time-lapse, 30 hours real-time or flexible timer recording on regular T-120 tape. It incorporates a dual-mode on-screen display, camera switching pulse, alarm record, alarm scan, alarm index search, power fail recall. In addition, its energy consumption is as low as 15W. A vehicle cigarette power cord and an extended wireless IR remote control sensor are included. Overall dimensions are 10” x 3.7” x 10.4”. Weight 7lbs., 9oz. For more information, visit

New Day & Night Lens
SENKO ADL introduces the TV7X7513 (7.5-50mm, F1.3) day & night varifocal lenses. The TV7X7513 covers 7.5mm to 50.0mm focal length range with aspherical and IR corrective features. The size is only 55.2mm in height, about 1/3.” For more information visit