Product Watch

June 29, 2011
A look at what's new in the market

Natural Disaster's Severe Weather Alerts feature, which warns customers of impending severe weather in their area, is integrated into its home security and monitoring technology platform. Alerts are delivered directly to the customer's security panel and will forewarn them when a natural disaster is headed their way.

Exit/Enter This Way-Boon Edam now supplies FedEx Ground locations with its full height turnstiles and gates. These include the BE-THT100-51-FXG galvanized steel full height turnstile and access gate with wire mesh and fixed security screen; and the BE-THT100-FXG-EO exit-only galvanized steel full height turnstile.

Audio Accessories-Energy Transformation Systems' PA911 audio camera balun enables users to quickly connect professional-grade microphones equipped with XLR connectors directly to the existing 3.5mm mini-plug jack on the Canon5D and 7D Series of DSLR cameras.

Product Line Debut-Gadspot's GS851EF 650TVL color Charge Coupled Device (CCD) camera is designed for indoor and outdoor use and features built-in light sensors for automatic infrared activation; and a nine to 22 millimeter varifocal lens.

Software Design Tools-Gish Technology's 2D CAD VSCalc Tools generates 2D camera coverage models color-coded to indicate varying levels of visual acuity or picture quality. When visual acuity index modeling is used during the design or upgrade phase of a video surveillance project, cost savings and improvements in camera coverage can be achieved.

Platform Updates-Honeywell's Total Connect 2.0 platform now provides even more remote services, including an interactive dashboard with Flash-based graphics; enhanced navigation; a simplified set-up process; and new capabilities ideal for business owners with multiple facilities.

Lock It Up!-Master Lock Co.'s S31 and S33 global safety padlocks feature shackles that are 4.76 millimeters (3/16-inches) in diameter and are constructed of marine grade 316 stainless steel. In addition, adhesive write-on identification labels are available in multiple languages.

Remote Services at Your Fingertips-Napco Security's iBridge Online Remote Services Product is a slimline, Android-based tablet computer. Internet-enabled, it uses 802.11 Wi-Fi and allows users to interact and control their Napco security system, view live video cameras and recordings and control thermostats and lighting.

Universal Pole Mounts-Premier Mounts VPM and VPM-100 Vesa Pole Mounts (VMP) are universal pipe or pole mounts for flat-panel displays. They fit 1 1/2- and 2-inch tubing, as well as Premier Mounts' elliptical tubing, and feature a unique collar clasp design which allows VPMs to be combined on a pole for level back-to-back flat-panel installations.

Hardware Systems for Video Walls-Matrox Graphics and Trenton Systems now provide video wall solutions for the AV market, debuting their TVC4401 4U rackmount system. It can combine up to six, single-slot Matrox Mura MPX display controller boards-for up to 24 high-definition inputs and outputs-while leveraging the board's 64 Gbit/sec duplex data transfer.

'Smart' Access Prevention-Videx's CyberLock electronic locks and padlocks allow each users key to be programmed with the specific access permissions they need to do their job; what locks they can open, and when. Both the electronic key and lock record openings and exceptions including unauthorized attempts to enter.

Just Add Sunlight!-A stand alone remote surveillance system from AvaLAN Wireless Systems and Mobotix utilizes a solar powered pole with a low power digital IP-based surveillance camera and a low power long range industrial Ethernet radio. Customers can capture megapixel video, process it on the solar pole and stream it back to a Network Attached Storage system.

Remote Access with Apple-Avigilon's Control Center Mobile (ACC Mobile) enables users to connect to its Control Center Network Video Management Software (NVMS) platform over any IP wireless network with Apple devices. Now available, it is designed to support HD and megapixel images and detail up to 16 megapixels.

Camera Link Frame Grabbers-BitFlow's Karbon-CXP line of frame grabbers are designed to move high-speed serial data from a camera to a frame grabber. This results in video acquisition at speeds up to six Gigabits per second and allows users to send control commands and triggers at 20 MBps over a single piece of 75 Ohm coaxial cable up to 135 meters.

Available This Summer!-Elk Products' ELK Navigator Touchscreen Keypad and the first release of two-way wireless products are new additions to the M1 family of control products. The keypad features a 3.5-inch color display and intuitive easy-to-use menus for security and automation. Wireless devices contain LEDs that indicate battery status and signal quality.

Detection Across Long Distances-The Long Ranger Point Intrusion Detection System from Fiber Sensys utilizes the Titan Commander Control & Management System, a graphical interface that can report intrusions within 20 meters. The Titan Commander system integrates with all Fiber SenSys Fiber Defender alarm processing units, providing advanced calibration, tuning and status directly from the interface.

On the Platform-Genetec's Security Center 5.0 platform supports an embedded video recording and streaming engine. Additional features include an enhanced architecture that facilitates the installation and maintenance of the platform; third-party intrusion integration of alarm panels and perimeter detection devices; a new plug-in architecture for adding third-party integrations; and standby and redundant archiving capabilities.

Ethernet Signal Transport Equipment-Meridian Technologies DigiNET Ethernet product line includes media converters, managed and unmanaged switches, POE switches and SFP optical devices. Products are hardened to ensure operation under the most demanding environmental conditions.

Security Where You Need It-The RD-MZ-3630-01 Rapid Deploy Wireless Video System from Industrial Video and Control (IVC) consists of a high-definition color camera capable of transmitting over 30fps of video in 1280 x 1024 resolution and an internal wireless radio. The system connects wirelessly to an IP network for remote viewing and recording using IVC's camera management software.

No Key Needed-SimpliciKey's Remote Control Electronic Deadbolt offers homeowners three convenient options for locking and unlocking their front door: a remote control key fob, keypad and a bump-resistant standard key. Two key fobs come with every lock and owners can order up to six more for eight total.

Access Granted/Denied!-Secura Key's Radio Key Dual Technology (RKDT)-SA-M/SA-S is a programmable single-door proximity access control system which controls access for up to 65,000 users. Read more about the RKDT line of HID compatible readers and standalone units in their white paper, which includes information on proprietary protocols; card data formats; standalone and Wiegand output reader compatibility; and the availability of HID compatible cards that work with these new readers.

Check Your Compatibility-Milestone Systems' Device Pack 5.4 is an online test tool for vendors to verify the compatibility of their hardware, including ONVIF-standard specifications. A detailed list of the Milestone Device Pack 5.4 newly supported network hardware is available on the Milestone Web site.

Emergency Integration Platform Updates-Systems integrators deploying Singlewire Software's InformaCast systems can now use Barix Exstreamer decoders (pictured) and Annuncicom two-way audio devices for encoding/decoding to distribute IP audio streams to end points. This adds more interface options to the InformaCast suite for two-way audio support and tighter integration to loudspeakers.

Keep It Light-Arecont Vision's H.264 compact cameras are half the size and a third of the weight of previous models. They include the AV3115 which provides three megapixel images at 20 fps; the AV5115 which provides five megapixel images at 14 fps; and the AV10015 which provides 10 megapixel images at seven fps and 1080p at 30 fps.