Senior Manager, Protective Services (Headquarters)

Protective service professionals are increasingly taking on greater responsibilities and are required to obtain greater skill sets. These professionals are now asked to do more than protect the Chairman, CEO, President, members of the Board of Directors and other executives—they often also act as confidants, provide services for executives' families and make recommendations on home security. Protective services professionals may also be asked to provide security plans for corporate facilities and residence protective programs, airfield and event security, ground and air transportation protection, protocol, personal assistance and special projects. These professionals face a multitude of potential threats as they try to maintain the safety of those they serve.  

The senior manager of protective services plans, develops and directs the organization's protective services function under senior management direction.

 Job Description:

• Manages on- and off-site planning, coordination and execution of plans for visiting dignitaries.

• Directs the planning and execution of major corporate events and visits by dignitaries and VIP guests of the organization to ensure a safe environment.

• Develops and implements protective service objectives, plans and procedures.

• Implements the policies, procedures and systems required for maintaining and enhancing the overall organization's protective services organizational mission.

• Develops and documents standards to measure quality and effectiveness of programs.

• Manages all security-related issues associated with corporate aircraft facility, including the security of the aircraft at flight facilities, in flight, and at domestic and international locations where aircraft are parked during transit status.

• Develops and maintains a wide range of intra-agency and interagency coordination.

• Determines need for and manages procurement, installation and operational instruction of security equipment required at the residences, vacation homes or offices of executives.

• Develops and maintains personal profiles and conducts risk assessments on all personnel covered by protective services.

• Identifies groups, individuals and merging technologies that may pose a threat to executives.

• Keeps management informed on major accomplishments, issues and concerns.

• Develops, trains and directs the personnel in the Protective Service function.

Qualification Guidelines:

Master's degree or international equivalent in an area of study relevant to this position and more than eight years of experience with a major law enforcement, intelligence, public-service or private-sector security organization; or Bachelor's degree or international equivalent in an area of study relevant to this position and more than 12 years of experience with a major law enforcement, intelligence, public- or private-sector security organization. Candidates must have demonstrated experience and exposure in the international security arena.

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