AeA Micro Cap Financial Conference Presenting Company Profiles

May 2, 2008

SANTA CLARA, Calif. , May 2 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The AeA Micro Cap Financial Conference takes place May 4-6, 2008 at the Monterey Plaza Hotel in Monterey, CA. Below are profiles from companies presenting at the conference. For in-depth information about the event, please visit:

Company: 8x8, Inc.

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: EGHT (Nasdaq)

Investor Relations Contact: Joan Citelli

Investor Relations Contact Phone: 408-687-4320

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Tuesday, May 6th

8x8, Inc, provider of Packet8 ( voice, video and mobile VoIP phone services, offers Internet-based telephony solutions for individual residential and business users and small to medium sized business organizations. Established in 1987, 8x8 has contributed to the advancement of voice and video communications on both technology and service provision levels. The company currently holds 72 U.S. patents with additional patents pending.

Company: Accelrys, Inc.

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: ACCL (Nasdaq)

Investor Relations Contact: Todd Kehrli or Mary Magnani

Investor Relations Contact Phone: 323-468-2300

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Monday, May 5th

Accelrys designs, develops, markets, and supports software based solutions that facilitate the discovery and development of new and improved products and processes in Life Sciences, Energy & Petroleum, Chemicals, Aerospace & Defense, and CPG industries. Accelrys serves clients in the commercial, academic and government sectors and counts many of the Fortune 500 companies as customers.

Company: Aehr Test Systems

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: AEHR (Nasdaq)

Investor Relations Contact: Gary Larson

Investor Relations Contact Phone: 510-623-9400 x321

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Monday, May 5th

Aehr Test Systems, a leading provider of test and burn-in systems, with over 2,500 systems installed globally, is currently shipping innovative full-wafer contact products designed to reduce the cost of testing flash memories, microprocessors and other complex ICs. The FOX-1 full-wafer test system can parallel test an entire wafer with thousands of die in a single touchdown.

Company: AltiGen Communications

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: ATGE (Nasdaq)

Investor Relations Contact: Christiane Pelz

Investor Relations Contact Phone: 415-433-3777

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Tuesday, May 6th

AltiGen Communications, Inc. is a leading provider of VoIP business phone systems and Microsoft-based Unified Communications solutions for SMBs, including companies with multiple distributed locations, branch offices and call centers. AltiGen's scalable, integrated, easy to manage all-in-one unified communications solutions enable an array of applications such as VoIP phones and servers, unified messaging, voicemail, call recording and reporting, conferencing, and mobility solutions that leverage both the Internet and the public telephone network.

Company: Amtech Systems, Inc.

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: ASYS (Nasdaq)

Investor Relations Contact: Bradley C. Anderson

Investor Relations Contact Phone: 480-967-5146, ext 310

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Monday, May 5th

Amtech Systems, Inc., is a global supplier of production and automation systems and related supplies for the manufacture of solar cells, semiconductors, and silicon wafers.

Company: Axesstel, Inc.

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: AFT (AMEX)

Investor Relations Contact: Cathy Mattison , Lippert/Heilshorn & Associates, Inc

Investor Relations Contact Phone: 415-433-3777

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Monday, May 5th

Axesstel is a leader in the design and development of fixed wireless voice and broadband data products. Its product portfolio includes phones, terminals, and 3G broadband modems/gateways that leverage a wide range of technologies including GSM, CDMA, HSDPA, and HSUPA. Its clients include some of the major names in global telecommunications throughout Asia , Americas, Eastern Europe , Africa and the Middle East .

Company: BlueFire Ethanol Fuels, Inc.

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: BFRE

Investor Relations Contact: Scott Kitcher , Liolios Group, Inc.

Investor Relations Contact Phone: 949-374-3860

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Tuesday, May 6th

BlueFire is the only cellulose-to-ethanol company worldwide with demonstrated production of ethanol from urban trash (post-sorted MSW), rice and wheat straws, wood waste and other agricultural residues. BlueFire is one of six ethanol companies awarded funding from the U.S. Department of Energy for its planned ethanol production facility using cellulosic wastes diverted from landfills in Southern California .

Company: Bridgeline Software, Inc.

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: BLSW (Nasdaq)

Investor Relations Contact: Thomas Massie

Investor Relations Contact Phone: 781-497-3001

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Tuesday, May 6th

Bridgeline Software is a developer of SaaS based web application management software and award-winning web applications that help organizations optimize business processes. Organizations rely on Bridgeline's software and services to help them maximize revenue, improve customer service and loyalty, enhance employee knowledge, and reduce operational costs through web-based technologies.

Company: BTU International, Inc.

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: BTUI (Nasdaq)

Investor Relations Contact: Bill Monigle

Investor Relations Contact Phone: (941) 497-1622

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Tuesday, May 6th

BTU International is a leading, global supplier of advanced thermal processing equipment to alternative energy and electronics manufacturing markets. BTU equipment is used in the production of solar cells, nuclear fuel and fuel cells, as well as in printed circuit board assembly and semiconductor packaging. BTU's efficient products enable lower cost per watt solutions. Manufacturers look to BTU for high throughput, high yield manufacturing tools to help them remain competitive.

Company: Candela Corporation

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: CLZR (Nasdaq)

Investor Relations Contact: Stacy Feit

Investor Relations Contact Phone: 312-640-6779

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Monday, May 5th

Candela Corporation is a pioneer in the development and commercialization of advanced aesthetic laser systems. With an installed base of 12,000 systems in over 70 countries worldwide, its extensive product line allows physicians and personal care practitioners to treat a wide variety of cosmetic and medical conditions. These applications represent significant markets with strong growth potential tied to the desires of aging "baby boomers" to maintain a healthy, youthful appearance.

Company: ClearOne Communications, Inc.

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: CLRO (Nasdaq)

Investor Relations Contact: Greg LeClaire

Investor Relations Contact Phone: 801-975-7200

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Tuesday, May 6th

ClearOne is a leading global provider of premium audio conferencing systems and other related products for audio, video and web conferencing applications. Our products are used by organizations of all types and sizes, from educational institutions, government organizations and small businesses to the world's largest and most prestigious companies and institutions.

Company: ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd.

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: CKSW (Nasdaq)

Investor Relations Contact: Adam Rosen

Investor Relations Contact Phone: (646) 536-3865

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Monday, May 5th

ClickSoftware is the leading provider of mobile workforce management and service optimization solutions that create business value for service operations. Combining educational, implementation and support services with its industry-leading solutions, ClickSoftware drives service decision making across all levels of the organization. With over 100 customers across a variety of industries and geographies, ClickSoftware is uniquely positioned to deliver superb business performance to any organization.

Company: Edgewater Technology, Inc.

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: EDGW (Nasdaq)

Investor Relations Contact: Timothy R. Oakes , VP Finance

Investor Relations Contact Phone: (781) 246-3343

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Monday, May 5th

Founded in 1992, Edgewater Technology, Inc. is a technology management consulting firm providing a synergistic blend of premium IT services primarily in the North American market. Edgewater has realized success by consolidating its premium IT services and emphasizing three major synergistic offerings: (1) business consulting, (2) Corporate Performance Management ("CPM") and (3) technical consulting which is strategically positioning Edgewater for further premium IT services growth.

Company: Electro Energy Inc.

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: EEEI (Nasdaq)

Investor Relations Contact: Michael Reed

Investor Relations Contact Phone: (203) 797-2699

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Tuesday, May 6th

Electro Energy Inc., headquartered in Danbury, Connecticut , was founded in 1992 to develop, manufacture and commercialize high-powered, rechargeable bipolar wafer cell nickel-metal hydride batteries for use in a wide range of applications. Its Colorado Springs operation is AS9100/ISO9001 certified and supplies aerospace-grade high-quality, nickel cadmium batteries and components for satellites, aircraft and other specialty applications. EEEI is also developing high-power, lithium rechargeable batteries, and owns significant manufacturing assets near Gainesville, Florida for rechargeable lithium ion 18650 cylindrical cells, the standard cell used in the electronics industry.

Company: Electroglas, Inc.

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: EGLS (Nasdaq)

Investor Relations Contact: Candi Lattyak

Investor Relations Contact Phone: 408.528.3801

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Monday, May 5th

Electroglas is a leading supplier of innovative wafer probers and software solutions for the semiconductor industry. For more than 40 years, Electroglas has helped integrated device manufacturers (IDMs), wafer foundries and outsourced assembly and test (OSAT) suppliers improve the overall effectiveness of semiconductor manufacturers' wafer testing. Headquartered in San Jose, California , the company has shipped more than 16,500 systems worldwide.

Company: Frequency Electronics, Inc.

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: FEIM (Nasdaq)

Investor Relations Contact: Alan Miller

Investor Relations Contact Phone: 516-794-4500 x5024

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Tuesday, May 6th

Frequency Electronics, Inc. (FEI) is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of high-precision timing, frequency control and synchronization products for satellite and terrestrial applications. FEI's products are used in commercial, government and military systems, including satellite payloads, missiles, UAVs, piloted aircraft, GPS, secure radios, SCADA, energy exploration and wireline and wireless communication networks.

Company: Implant Sciences Corporation

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: IMX (AMEX)

Investor Relations Contact: Kristine Mozes

Investor Relations Contact Phone: (781) 652-8875

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Monday, May 5th

Implant Sciences develops, manufactures and sells sophisticated sensors and systems intended for use in various Security, Safety and Defense industries including homeland security, aviation and transportation, high threat facilities/infrastructure, customs and border protection and mail/cargo inspection. The Company's proprietary technologies are embedded within its commercial portable and bench-top explosive trace detection systems which ship to a growing number of locations domestically and internationally.

Company: ICOP Digital, Inc.

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: ICOP (Nasdaq)

Investor Relations Contact: Dodi Handy

Investor Relations Contact Phone: 407-585-1080

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Tuesday, May 6th

ICOP Digital, Inc. endeavors to protect people, assets and profits through delivery of innovative, mission-critical security, surveillance and communication solutions that improve safety and security in our nation's communities. ICOP offers proprietary mobile surveillance products for use in the public and private sectors, and facilitates the delivery of live streaming of audio and video to first responders.

Company: InfoLogix, Inc.

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: IFLG (Nasdaq)

Investor Relations Contact: Thomas Walsh

Investor Relations Contact Phone: (212) 398-3486

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Monday, May 5th

InfoLogix is a leading provider of technology and RFID based intelligence solutions that enable the mobile enterprise. InfoLogix uses the most advanced technologies to increase the efficiency, accuracy, and transparency of complex business and clinical processes for the healthcare industry and the commercial marketplace. With 19 issued patents, InfoLogix provides mobile managed solutions, on-demand software applications, mobile infrastructure products, and strategic consulting services to over 2,000 clients in North America .

Company: Intelli-Check Mobilisa

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: IDN (AMEX)

Investor Relations Contact: Kenna Pope

Investor Relations Contact Phone: 1.888.9icmobil

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Tuesday, May 6th

Intelli-Check - Mobilisa, Inc. is a leading company developing and marketing wireless technology and identity systems for various applications, including handheld wireless devices for the government, military and commercial markets. Products include Defense ID, an advanced ID card access control product, and ID-CHECK, which reads, analyzes, and verifies encoded data on government-issue IDs from approximately 60 jurisdictions in the U.S. and Canada to determine if the content and format are valid.

Company: Interactive Intelligence Inc.

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: ININ (Nasdaq)

Investor Relations Contact: Steve Head

Investor Relations Contact Phone: 317-715-8412

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Monday, May 5

Interactive Intelligence Inc. is a global provider of unified business communications solutions for contact center automation, enterprise IP telephony, and enterprise messaging. The company was founded in 1994 and has more than 3,000 customers worldwide. Interactive Intelligence is among the top 500 global software and services suppliers, and is ranked among the top 200 North American networking vendors.

Company: inTEST Corporation

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: INTT (Nasdaq)

Investor Relations Contact: Joseph Villalta

Investor Relations Contact Phone: 646-536-7003

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Monday, May 5th

inTEST Corporation is an independent designer, manufacturer and marketer of ATE interface solutions and temperature management products, which are used by semiconductor manufacturers to perform final testing of integrated circuits and wafers. The Company's high-performance products are designed to enable semiconductor manufacturers to improve the speed, reliability, efficiency and profitability of IC test processes. Specific products include positional and docking hardware products, temperature management systems and customized interface solutions.

Company: Intraware, Inc.

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: ITRA (Nasdaq)

Investor Relations Contact: Jonathan Freed

Investor Relations Contact Phone: (415) 293-4415

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Monday, May 5th

Intraware, Inc. provides digital services that enable enterprise technology publishers to tie together licensing and software processes into a clean, simple customer experience. The Intraware SubscribeNet service (patents pending) is a Web-based delivery platform enabling companies to deliver, track and manage software, licenses and other digital content they distribute. 99.6% of Fortune 500 companies and 90% of Global Fortune 1000 companies have downloaded software or license keys on the SubscribeNet platform.

Company: Iteris, Inc.

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: ITI (AMEX)

Investor Relations Contact: Brett Maas

Investor Relations Contact Phone: (646) 536 - 7331

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Tuesday, May 6th

Iteris, Inc. is a leader in the traffic management market that is focused on the development and application of advanced technologies that reduce traffic congestion, minimize the environmental impact of traffic congestion and improve the safety of surface transportation systems. Combining outdoor image processing, traffic engineering and information technology, Iteris offers a broad range of Intelligent Transportation Systems and driver safety solutions to customers worldwide.

Company: Keynote Systems, Inc.

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: KEYN (Nasdaq)

Investor Relations Contact: Kirsten Chapman

Investor Relations Contact Phone: 415-433-3777

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Monday, May 5th

Keynote Systems is the global leader in on-demand test and measurement solutions for continuously improving the online experience. The company's on-demand solutions provide executives with a unique end user perspective into the performance of their mobile and Internet services from around the world. Keynote has four test and measurement businesses: Web performance, mobile quality, streaming & VoIP, and customer experience/UX.

Company: LogicVision, Inc.

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: LGVN (Nasdaq)

Investor Relations Contact: Bruce Jaffe

Investor Relations Contact Phone: (408) 453-0146

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Monday, May 5th

LogicVision provides proprietary technologies for embedded test and yield learning that enable more efficient manufacturing tests. LogicVision's solutions allow IC designers to embed test functionality into a semiconductor design that is used during semiconductor production test and throughout the useful life of the chip. The Design for Test product line improves profit margins by reducing device field returns and test costs, accelerating silicon bring-up times and shortening both time-to-market and time-to-yield.

Company: Mesa Laboratories, Inc.

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: MLAB (Nasdaq)

Investor Relations Contact: Steve Peterson

Investor Relations Contact Phone: 303-987-8000

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Tuesday, May 6th

Mesa Laboratories, Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets instruments and disposable products utilized in connection with industrial applications and healthcare. For industrial applications, which include pharmaceutical, food, and medical devices, the Company presently markets the DATATRACE(R) data logging systems and RAVEN Biological Indicators. For healthcare applications, the Company markets Dialysate Meters, which are used for quality control in kidney dialysis clinics and RAVEN Biological Indicators, which are used to assure sterility.

Company: Occam Networks Inc.

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: OCNW (Nasdaq)

Investor Relations Contact: Russ Sharer

Investor Relations Contact Phone: 805 - 692-2910

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Monday, May 5th

Occam Networks develops and markets solutions that enable telecommunications carriers to profitably deliver emerging voice, data and video services over copper and fiber. Occam focuses on simplifying today's complex access network through the use of distributed network element intelligence and innovative operational tools. Occam's pioneering Broadband Loop Carrier (BLC) solution helps carriers achieve rapid "time to revenue" by reducing operational overhead through simplified service and network management.

Company: Optelecom-NKF, Inc.

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: OPTC (Nasdaq)

Investor Relations Contact: Steven Tamburo

Investor Relations Contact Phone: 301-444-2207

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Monday, May 5th

Optelecom-NKF, Inc. is a global supplier of advanced video surveillance solutions, including IP cameras, video servers, network video recorders, video management and video analytics software. We deliver complete solutions for traffic management and security of airports, seaports, casinos, prisons, utilities, public transport, city centers, hospitals, and corporate campuses. All Optelecom-NKF IP surveillance solutions are marketed under the Siqura(R) name.

Company: Pervasive Software Inc.

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: PVSW (Nasdaq)

Investor Relations Contact: Randy Jonkers

Investor Relations Contact Phone: 512.231.6090

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Monday, May 5th

Pervasive Software helps companies get the most out of their data investments through embeddable data management and agile integration software. For more than two decades, Pervasive products have delivered value with a compelling combination of performance, flexibility, reliability and low total cost of ownership. Tens of thousands of customers in virtually every industry, in more than 150 countries, rely on Pervasive to manage, integrate, analyze and secure their critical data.

Company: Renegy Holdings, Inc.

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: RNGY (Nasdaq)

Investor Relations Contact: Megan Meloni

Investor Relations Contact Phone: (650) 631-2847

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Tuesday, May 6th

Renegy is a renewable energy company focused on acquiring, developing and operating a growing portfolio of biomass power generation facilities. Renegy's current biomass power generating assets include a 24 MW facility near Snowflake, Arizona that is scheduled to begin commercial operations by June 2008 , and an idle 13 MW biomass plant in Susanville, California that has the potential to be restarted by year-end 2008.

Company: Socket Communications, Inc. dba Socket Mobile, Inc.

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: SCKT (Nasdaq)

Investor Relations Contact: Jim Byers

Investor Relations Contact Phone: (323) 468-2300

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Monday, May 5th

Socket Communications dba Socket Mobile is a provider of mobile productivity solutions for business use. Last year, the Company introduced a handheld computer designed for businesses to its extensive portfolio of data collection and network connectivity computer peripheral products to become a mobile systems provider. Working with VARS, integrators and third party software application providers, Socket's solutions enhance business productivity in a number of vertical markets.

Company: Tegal Corporation

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: TGAL (Nasdaq)

Investor Relations Contact: Gina DeBoutez , Director, The Blueshirt Group

Investor Relations Contact Phone: 415-489-2184

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Tuesday, May 6th

Tegal Corporation provides unique process and equipment solutions to semiconductor device and component suppliers. Tegal focuses on depositing and etching "new materials" for advanced devices in emerging markets, rather than mainstream semiconductor applications. Its production-qualified plasma etch, PVD, and Nano-Layer Deposition tools are used by market leaders to produce power amplifiers and filters for cell phones and wireless networking, high brightness LEDs for lighting, and MEMS motion sensors.

Company: Widepoint Corporation

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: WYY (AMEX)

Investor Relations Contact: Cale Smith

Investor Relations Contact Phone: (305) 451-1888

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Tuesday, May 6th

WidePoint is a comprehensive provider of identity assurance, telecom expense management systems and advanced IT services. The company has been awarded several major multi-year contracts and is the leading provider of certificate-based security solutions (PKI) and mobile telecom expense management systems (MTEMS) to the federal government. Combined 2007 results reflect revenues of approximately $34 million with both positive operational cash flows and net income.

Company: Xenonics Holdings, Inc.

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: XNN (AMEX)

Investor Relations Contact: Lupita Anderson

Investor Relations Contact Phone: 760-448-9770


Date of Presentation: Tuesday, May 6th

Xenonics(R) develops and produces advanced, lightweight, compact, ultra-high intensity illumination and low-light vision products for military, law enforcement, public safety, commercial, and private sector applications. Its NightHunter(R) line of illumination provides extremely long-range infrared and white-light illumination. Its SuperVision(R) revolutionary high definition digital night vision technology with zoom capability and a lower price represents a new category of hand-held night vision.

Company: ZBB Energy Corporation

Ticker Symbol & Exchange: ZBB (AMEX)

Investor Relations Contact: Helen Brown

Investor Relations Contact Phone: (262) 253 9800

Web URL:

Date of Presentation: Tuesday, May 6th

ZBB Energy Corporation manufactures large capacity, pre-manufactured, modular, mobile, environmentally-friendly, fuel cell type Zinc Energy Storage Systems (ZESS) with focus on Renewable Energy and the Utility Transmission and Distribution markets. The ZESS is based on ZBB's proprietary and patented ZESS fuel cell and designed with a modular Plug n Play to allow systems of any size to be installed and/or relocated with minimal effort or site preparation.

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