ICx Launches SafeAir, a Real-Time Integrated Solution for Detection of Chemical, Biological and Radiological Threats

Sept. 25, 2007

WASHINGTON, Sept. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- ICx Technologies, a developer of advanced technology solutions for homeland and military security, announced today the general availability of its SafeAir(TM) solution for comprehensive surveillance and detection of biological, chemical and radiological (CBR) threats.

Designed to cost-effectively monitor indoor environments for aerosolized threats, the SafeAir system employs an innovative, multidimensional network of sensors, devices, software and services to immediately detect and confirm biological threats. In the event of exposure, the system provides security personnel with near real-time notification of the contamination, enabling rapid response and minimizing harm to people and assets.

"Exposure to chemical, biological or radiological agents can significantly hinder business operations, causing personal injuries, operational set-backs and damage to property and reputations -- and the severity of such a situation is magnified for critical infrastructure," said Colin Cumming , president of ICx Detection. "Through our unique, tiered approach and strategically placed sensors, the SafeAir system offers paramount protection, without limiting employee and visitor accessibility. SafeAir allows integrated monitoring against several threats, making the security officer's job easier."

SafeAir employs a layered approach to securing a facility that emphasizes the use of widely distributed low-cost sensors. These sensors are strategically located in building areas that are most vulnerable to agent dispersal. Upon receiving an unusual air signal, sensors send an alert directly to monitoring personnel who investigate conditions and perform confirmation testing.

ICx provides SafeAir customers with TAVA(TM) risk-based threat and vulnerability assessment services, customized solution design and system commissioning, which involves installing the hardware, bringing the system online, challenging the system, and developing a standard operating procedure (SOP) for each building. ICx also works with customers to provide network management options and training, and to develop alert response protocols capable of distinguishing hoaxes from actual threats to prevent disruption while protecting occupants and assets.

About ICx Technologies (TM)

ICx develops advanced technologies for effective security solutions. ICx sensors detect and identify chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) materials. ICx surveillance products discern people and objects invisible to human senses and conventional cameras. ICx software and systems connect, command and control these security devices, while its intelligence and special-operations experts provide the unique insight that drives the company's innovation. ICx has manufacturing and research facilities in the United States , Canada and Europe .

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