Dortronics Reaffirms Commitment To Efficient & Reliable Door Control Solutions

April 7, 2006

Las Vegas, NV (April 5, 2006) – Offering more choices with easier installation, Dortronics Systems Inc. is showcasing their extensive line of door control appliances for the alarm and security marketplace. Along with the introduction of new stainless steel Piezo Switches, Dortronics is highlighting specific specialty products that clearly demonstrate the company’s reputation for engineering efficiency and quality into their product designs and manufacturing.

“Customer satisfaction can be directly related to performance, reliability, ease of use and value,” said John FitzPatrick, Vice President, Dortronics Systems, Inc. “With those criteria in mind, we’ve developed our product line over the years in response to customers’ requests for specialized products often requiring fast turnaround times. They know they can depend on Dortronics for quality -- whether they need something off the shelf or custom built, we believe we offer the best value for the dollar.” Application flexibility is built into Dortronics’ new 5277-PZL Series Piezo Switches. They feature a selectable on/off switch, red/green LED illumination status ring and an adjustable time delay of 1 to 40 seconds. The new Piezo Switches can be used to control automatic doors, electric strike lock or magnetic locks as well as remote bypass (REX) input of an access control system. They can also be used to shunt an alarm system to allow egress from a secured area. Well suited for installation in heavy usage applications, the 5277 Series are constructed of stainless steel with a solid state, stainless steel exit button.

The Piezo Switch mounts directly to a standard U.S. single gang switch box and includes a set of both normally closed and normally open contacts. The unit has an input voltage of 12 to 24V DC.

The rim type Dortronics 6495 Series Egress Bars provide a strong mechanical latch intended for mounting on outward swinging doors to facilitate safe egress. Required by code as a “no prior knowledge” REX device, the Dortronics 6495 Series Egress Bars fit any standard 36” wide door, and are offered with special width devices for doors measuring up to 48” wide.

The 6495 Series Egress Bars can be used with card access systems or with Dortronics’ EDR-101 Delayed Egress Systems. Dortronics 6220 Series Armored Door Cords can also be used with the 6495 Series Egress Bars to protect wiring for REX signals being transmitted to the appropriate alarm/control devices.

Delivering optimum efficiency, Dortronics’ 7286-PT Series Door Prop Alarms are programmable for custom configurations and feature a local audible alarm and output for a remote alarm if the door is not closed within the specified time period (5 seconds to 90 minutes) or has been forced open. The 7286-PT Series also provides alerts when integrated with access control systems, regardless of the number of doors in the system. LEDs indicate door status. Power to the electronic locking device is provided by the 7286-PT device, and the mirrored door switch output prompts the alarm to unlock the door.

These high intensity LED indicators can be clearly seen in virtually any lighting condition, including bright sunlight, and are also easily viewed from off-center. Basic units feature high intensity red and green LEDs on a single panel and will interface with virtually any type of access control reader or proximity device. Available in a variety of configurations for outdoor and indoor use, the outdoor models utilize weatherproof High Intensity LEDs mounted on a gasketed plate.

For more information on Dortronics’ extensive line of access control products call toll free 1-800-906-0137, e-mail [email protected]