DynaPel SteadyEye® Provides Unique Video Stabilization Solution

April 7, 2006
Removes Image Vibration Real-Time Or Post-Recording

Las Vegas, NV (April 5, 2006) – Adding to their line of intelligent video enhancement solutions, DynaPel Systems, Inc. is demonstrating its SteadyEye® Digital Real Time Video Stabilizer at ISCW 2006. SteadyEye improves shaky images no matter what the cause or the effect of the shake, providing a clear, steady picture from any surveillance camera it's connected to.

“Integrators install video systems for a wide variety of reasons. If the images are not steady or still, they are useless to the integrator, and more importantly to the end-user,” said Jeffery Vollmar, Vice President of DynaPel. “Our goal is to provide our customer with the image quality they demand, regardless of the environment.”

The video analytics incorporated in DynaPel SteadyEye make it the only stabilization solution that corrects every axis of motion. The device, which is ideal for use on bridges, for mobile applications, near machinery and in other wind- or shake-prone locations, can be used between any standard analog camera and downstream devices such as recorders, multiplexers or transmission systems. “SteadyEye is smart enough to take the shake out of video that has been previously recorded.”

“DynaPel’s feature-rich products can be utilized with systems already in operation to improve picture quality and enhance surveillance capability,” said Vollmar. "Now you can capture a solid ID shot every time, even in adverse conditions."

For more information on DynaPel’s product line, please visit the website at www.dynapel.com.