MoneyFlow Acquires Interglobe Investigation Services

Nov. 2, 2004
Acquisition moves MoneyFlow into investigation arena, other security services

Hal Schultz, president of Nevada-based MoneyFlow Systems International Inc., reports that the company has now completed the acquisition of Interglobe Investigation Services Inc. to acquire all of the issued and outstanding shares of Interglobe. The final terms of the agreement specify that in exchange for all of the outstanding of Interglobe, the company will issue 500,000 common shares of MoneyFlow and 3,000,000 common shares of a subsidiary corporation of MoneyFlow to be formed for the purpose of better defining the strategic business initiative that this acquisition represents.

Interglobe Investigation Services Inc. provides investigation services to corporations and individuals that include security consulting, loss prevention, forensic computing, VIP and executive safety, criminal harassment (stalking crimes), investigating international crime, due diligence, homicides, abductions, missing persons, canine bomb, narcotics detection, security and protection. Interglobe owns all of its investigative equipment, so it does not rely on rentals or other companies, and can transport equipment overnight to remote field operatives as needed.

Schultz additionally reports that in anticipation of the current refocusing of corporate direction and development, and to provide greater flexibility in future additions to management, the company had received the resignations of two of the company's directors, Dale Tingley and Rick Scott, creating vacancies on the company's board of directors. Scott will continue to work as a senior sales and marketing representative for the company's surveillance and security products.

In connection with the acquisition of Interglobe, an invitation to join the Company's board of directors was extended to Moriarity who filled one of the casual vacancies. "I am looking forward to contributing to the growth of our combined companies," said Moriarity. "Our current sales initiatives should start to yield improved sales results almost immediately. We are going to be moving aggressively into the security sector as we see this as an area of significant growth potential."