New Hampshire: Videotaping your front door is against the law

Jan. 23, 2007

So in case you missed this story on SIW, a man was arrested last year in New Hampshire for video recording police officers at his front door.  Apparently when he went into the police station to complain about the officers' conduct he brought tapes as evidence.  He was arrested and the tapes were never returned because the police said they were "illegal." 

I could understand if the guy had invited the police officers into his house and secretly recorded them using the restroom, but the front door?

The good news is that this case has resulted in a new bill being introduced in the state's House which would allow property owners to record their own premises without giving notice.

Although, we can't beat up New Hampshire too much for this situation.  After all, every state has dumb laws.  Click here to see for yourself.


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