Questions for Obama-McCain Debate from Bipartisan Group of Top National Security Officials Who Gave U.S. a 'C' on Preventing Nuc

Sept. 26, 2008

WASHINGTON , Sept. 26 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following is being released by the Partnership for a Secure America:


Questions for Obama-McCain Debate from Bipartisan Group of Top National Security Officials Who Gave U.S. a "C" on Preventing Nuclear Terrorism


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The Partnership for a Secure America (PSA)

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Earlier this month, PSA gave the U.S. Government a "C" grade for its efforts to prevent a nuclear, chemical or biological terror attack on America. The PSA Advisory Board includes the former Chair and Vice Chair of the 9/11 Commission, six former Senators, four former National Security Advisors, former Secretaries of State and Defense, three former UN Ambassadors, and a former Governor.

Now, this group is asking the candidates for President to propose solutions to five critical foreign policy challenges that both Democrats and Republicans will support. "As Democrats and Republicans," their statement begins, "we believe that the next President of the United States must initiate a new era of US global leadership based on bipartisanship at home and cooperative engagement abroad."

They ask the following questions of Senators McCain and Obama:

-- As President, how would you strengthen international cooperation to prevent nuclear capabilities from falling into dangerous hands and turn [our current] failing grade into an "A"? -- What alternative fuel, energy efficiency, and emissions reduction policies would you seek to implement nationally and internationally by the end of your first term as President in January 2013? -- How will you elevate both the level and effectiveness of US government development spending to advance our national security and foreign policy goals? -- How will you reaffirm America's global leadership in promoting human rights and the rule of law around the world? -- As President, how will you actively engage China while encouraging it to become a stronger stakeholder in the international system?

Former Reagan National Security Adviser Robert "Bud" McFarlane said: "we think these five priorities haven't gotten the attention they deserve. We're trying to stimulate a more thoughtful debate...and frame for the American people that these are things you should be concerned about." Full text available at

Matt Rojansky, PSA Executive Director, will be available for debate commentary and analysis. Rojansky is a regular writer, commentator and panelist on national security and foreign policy. He is currently Executive Director of the Partnership for a Secure America, a bipartisan group of national security experts co-chaired by former Rep. Lee Hamilton and former Sen. Warren Rudman . Rojansky has worked for the Defense Department in the US military's top appellate court, and served as a Fellow at Stanford University's Center for International Security and Cooperation. He was an advisor to Israel's Foreign Ministry on proceedings before the International Court of Justice, and has worked and studied in the former Soviet Union . He holds a J.D. from Stanford Law School and an A.B. in Soviet history from Harvard College .

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