Network Box Releases Web Content Filtering Engine for Google Safe Search and Safe Browsing

Aug. 25, 2008

HOUSTON , Aug. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Network Box USA, Inc. (, the American arm of managed security company Network Box Corp., today announced the beta release of a web content filtering technology to support Google Safe Search and Safe Browsing functions. The new capabilities, which will be standard on Network Box unified threat management (UTM) products, will allow businesses to easily implement protection against Internet threats and prevent sites and web pages with inappropriate content from appearing in search engine results.

With the added functionality, Network Box USA customers will now have a content filtering engine that uses Google's Safe Browsing system to check URL requests against Google's constantly updated blacklist of suspected phishing- and malware-infested web pages. These web filter categories will be in addition to Network Box's existing anti-virus and anti-phishing solution, which uses Kaspersky and ClamAV to inspect pages for malicious content.

The new Google Safe Search feature will let customers filter search results and eliminate sites and web pages that contain inappropriate content. It will now be possible to configure the Network Box so that it implements the filter on Google search engine searches and enables safe searching. This will complement the full SurfControl database each Network Box currently deploys to protect users from inappropriate content.

"Google Safe Search and Safe Browsing help protect against Internet threats and offensive content, but the web filters need to be set up individually for each PC on the network - a very time-consuming process," said Pierluigi Stella , CTO of Network Box USA, Inc. "Because Network Box's new web content filtering engine will be standard on our managed security service, these features will be set up at the Internet gateway, which means they can be quickly and easily applied across a customers' entire network."

About Network Box USA

Network Box USA, Inc. (, the American arm of Network Box Corp., was formed in response to the escalating danger posed by security breaches, virus attacks and similar threats arising from widespread use of the Internet. Its mission is to provide enterprises of all sizes with a cutting- edge computer network security solution that is effective yet affordable. The company's flagship product, the Network Box appliance, has won numerous awards for excellence and is now in the forefront of UTM, the next generation of firewall technology. Among Network Box USA's customers, the product has been especially embraced by banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. Network Box USA is headquartered at 2825 Wilcrest, Suite 259, Houston, Texas 77042; telephone 832-242-5758 or (toll free) 888-315-8886; fax: 713-933-0290; email

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