New accessories available for Axis cams

May 14, 2008
New dome housings, illuminators and pendant kits to offer additional installation possibilities

Axis Communications now has new camera accessories for several of their network video cameras. The new accessories – dome housings, illuminators and pendant kits – add great value to integrators and end-users by offering extended camera installation possibilities.

"The main purpose of our accessories is to make the life easier for our customers,” says Anders Laurin, executive vice president at Axis. "Now we present a number of accessories that enable integrators and end-users to overcome installation challenges caused by weather, lighting conditions and physical obstructions."

Among the new accessories are two weather-proof dome housings, AXIS T95A00 and AXIS T95A10, which support the company’s wide range of PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) network cameras. The housings protect the cameras from water, dust, sunlight and low temperatures. Brackets that make it possible to mount the dome housings on walls, corners and on poles are also available.

Axis’ new family of illuminators, AXIS T90A, is a series of infrared and white light illuminators with various distance and light projection capabilities. The illuminators provide additional light in applications where the surrounding lighting conditions may be insufficient for effective video surveillance.

"The new pendant kits, supporting all AXIS 216-models and the new AXIS P3301-models, enable flexible placement of the cameras. The pendant kits make it possible to mount the cameras on poles and on various distances from walls, ceilings and corners," said Laurin.