PEGASUS announces partnership with PSA

May 22, 2008
CCTV equipment manufacturer displays new line of products at PSA Tec show

Pegasus Products showcased their value added line of CCTV equipment to PSA members at the PSA Tec show. Pegasus Products established in 1996, has become a leading manufacturer of CCTV equipment. Their product line encompasses an extensive range of products including, DVR's, cameras, monitors, lenses, power supplies, access control, camera housings and mounts, LCD and plasma mounts, and numerous other CCTV accessories.

Pegasus Products participated in the PSA Tec show as a 3 star sponsor, the highest level of sponsorship available. At their booth they enticed members with a card game for a chance to win one of 5 models of LCD mounts they were offering as prizes. Pegasus Products also showcased some of their newest and most premium products they carry in their line. They have just recently introduced a new DVR model, the PNDVR-04 series, available in both a 250GB hard drive size and a 500GB hard drive size. The new model is offered at prices well below industry standards and is not only networkable, but features motion detection and sensor input.

Additional products showcased by Pegasus included their new all in one dome cameras offered in both AI and IR versions. The PDCVHRC-V39AI and the PDCVHRC-V39IR combines high performance functionality with the best in technology providing high resolution security images in almost any condition. The 1/3" Sony CCD vandal day/night camera features include 3-9 AI lens, 530 lines digital day/night, 3 axis gimbal and water-proof IP67.

Pegasus Products also showcased their complete line of LCD monitors. Pegasus Products provides customers with wide array of sizes designed to fit most anyone’s needs including, 15", 17", 19", and 22". Features include composite BNC in/out, high resolution, low response time, high contrast ratio and stylish design.

Pegasus Products also revealed their line extension into access control at the PSA Tec show by showcasing their new biometric fingerprint reader. The PACBFR is an innovative biometric fingerprint reader that will benefit users with its unparalleled performance, ease-of-use, precision, and fast matching speed. With the capacity for template storage of up to 1000 fingerprints and its 1-second employee recognition speed, the PACBFR is the most economical solution for access control needs in the market today.