Steelbox Networks and OEM Partner Telindus Surveillance Solutions Deliver Integrated Video Surveillance System for Subway in Sou

April 4, 2008

LAS VEGAS – APRIL 2, 2008 – Steelbox Networks, Inc ., (ISC West Booth #24097) developer of the world's fastest media appliance, announced today that its video management and storage solutions have been selected as part of a fully integrated video surveillance system with its OEM partner Telindus Surveillance Solutions Ltd (TSS) for deployment on six stations of Line 1 of the Incheon Subway in South Korea.

Telindus Surveillance Solutions Ltd (TSS) and Steelbox Networks are joint developers of the high-quality video surveillance solution that has been selected by Incheon Subway as the switching, recording and management components that support its fully integrated video surveillance system.

Line 1 of the Incheon Subway is the first of three planned subway lines for the South Korean city of Incheon . Twenty-three kilometers long, the line will be extended with six stations to Songdo International City , the new high-tech business complex and Free Economic Zone in Incheon Metropolitan City . Finalization is scheduled for September 2009 but expectations are high and construction should be completed earlier. Incheon City is hosting the World City Expo from August to October 2009. Second and third lines, with several extensions, are also being planned for future expansion. The Incheon Subway is the fourth largest subway system in South Korea , after Seoul , Busan and Daegu.

The TSS and Steelbox team will provide a high-end CCTV installation for the extension of Line 1. The project consists of 225 cameras across six stations. TSS will use their ‘best of breed' Centauri Classic video codec that uses MPEG -2 video compression technology and includes full resilience and redundancy. The recording solution will be managed by the Centinel networked video recorder, known as a world class recording solution and used in high–end projects such as this all over the world. Every camera will be recorded for 30 days and the Centinel uses a unique frame rate reduction system enabling less storage for more footage. The surveillance network is controlled by the CellStack Integration Suite – a suite of software applications specially designed to control sophisticated networked surveillance systems.

Telindus and Steelbox have invested considerably in high-quality video surveillance systems, positioned for surveillance solutions in the transportation market. The combination of the Telindus Surveillance Solution and the Steelbox Network storage solution is unique, combining the highest digital image-quality on the market with Telindus' and Steelbox's capabilities to integrate video on broadband networks and storage systems.

Telindus Surveillance Solutions Ltd

Telindus Surveillance Solutions Ltd has implemented networked video surveillance systems at several reference projects throughout the world, including the London Underground, Miami Airport , Metro of Moscow, UK Highways and M25 London Orbital Motorway.

About Telindus Surveillance Solutions Ltd

Telindus Surveillance Solutions Ltd is part of the Telindus Group specializing in the development of high quality video surveillance solutions. Telindus Surveillance Solutions Ltd has a range of video codec products and solutions based on MPEG-2 and M-JPEG compression technology which is mainly used in video transmission situations. Telindus Surveillance Solutions Ltd is based in Cambridge , UK , for more information call +44 (0) 1223 509300 or see .

About Steelbox Networks
Steelbox Networks is dedicated to helping organizations solve the problem of moving and storing vast amounts of video data across IP networks. With installations in the US , Europe, and Asia , Steelbox serves industries that use data for security, business process improvement and surveillance monitoring applications.  Steelbox Networks was founded in 2003 by executive and engineering veterans of Cisco Systems, Scientific Atlanta and Nortel Networks.  For more information, go to .