Dedicated Micros' Parent Company AD Group Chairman Rides for Veterans

June 16, 2006
Nigel Petrie tackled 500 miles across Europe to raise funds for wheelchairs for vets

Chantilly, VA -- Dedicated Micros, Inc. announces that Nigel Petrie – Chairman of Dedicated Micros’ parent company, AD Group, based in Warrington, England – recently completed a more than 500 mile, nine-day bike ride with partner rider Peter Vince, a solicitor based in Forest Row, Sussex, to raise money for three electric wheelchairs for veterans from conflicts ranging from WW2 to the Gulf War.

From their starting point in Switzerland, Nigel and Peter’s journey to the Belgium coast took them through the impressive Vosges Mountains and the notorious battlefields of Verdun, the Somme and Flanders. This WW1 route along the Western Front featured an almost continuous line of trenches and barbed wire defenses.

The intrepid cyclists met their own costs and rode completely self-contained, with no back-up drivers or support.

“This cycle ride was at least as tough – if not tougher – than any we had done before,” said Petrie. “Not only was it physically demanding, but given the nature of the places we visited – including memorials for British and American servicemen – it was extremely emotional.”

The trek provided multiple challenges for the duo, including strong winds and rain, and one particularly steep section in the Vosges Mountains in which they climbed 1,020 meters (3,346 vertical feet) in eight kilometers (just under five miles).

Petrie outfitted his bicycle with a unique version of the award-winning TransVu mobile digital CCTV system to record images of their journey. He opted for solid state, flash memory in place of a hard disk drive, to reduce weight and to cope with the often-rough terrain.

“The TransVu system proved to be very reliable,” Petrie said. “We now have footage recorded from the handlebar-mounted camera, which can be shown to other fundraisers who are interested in following our lead.”

With the invaluable help and support of the Royal British Legion, the duo hopes that their journey will raise awareness of “the Line.” More importantly, will collect the full 12,000 British pounds ($22,320 USD) under the wheels4freedom project.

Wheels4freedom follows on from Nigel and Peter’s previous fundraising efforts of cycling more than 8,000 miles and raising an impressive 80,000 British pounds ($148,804 USD) for charity. To find out more please visit their website at

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