AirVisual’s Sophisticated Software Provides Remote Video Surveillance Capabilities And Open Architecture Compatibility

Sept. 25, 2006
AirVisual’s product suite is comprised of three unique remote applications: IntelliViewer, TransViewer, RoadViewer

San Diego, CA (September 25, 2006) – ASIS’s 2006 “must see” product is the remote monitoring and control solution from AirVisual, Inc., a rapidly growing application service provider for the enterprise security and public safety markets.

“The use of remote technology in the security field is becoming a full-fledged trend due to the operational and cost benefits,” said Tom Hansen, Founder and CEO, AirVisual, Inc. “AirVisual is a leader in this field and has developed enterprise remote monitoring and control solutions that can demonstrate improved security operations and mobile command capabilities for both public and private agencies. We have several projects underway, including the Monterey Peninsula Airport in CA, and are working with public safety professionals and agencies throughout the United States, including Jersey City, New Jersey and the City of Chicago, in addition to numerous other projects currently under development.”

The company’s unique software-driven solutions allow security professionals, law enforcement personnel, first responders and central stations to remotely access, monitor and control security systems from virtually any manufacturer using any computer or hand-held device such as a cellular phone, PDA or tablet. The software’s wide ranging equipment and network integration compatibility also recently created partnerships with companies involved in homeland security and first responder verticals such as Armada Group, Intergraph, Motorola, Intel and Tyco/ADT. AirVisual will be featuring actual integrations with ADT Security at ADT’s booth #5413.

AirVisual’s product suite is comprised of three unique remote applications:

IntelliViewer - a software application platform that enables video surveillance (live and archived video in real time), access control and other security system technologies that protect people and infrastructure, including heat sensors, motion detectors and chemical/biological detection devices, to be accessed, monitored and controlled using any networked or mobile device. For added convenience and ease of operation, IntelliViewerâ„¢ utilizes standard web browsers to provide a graphical user interface (GUI) for configuration and operation, without the need to install custom software.

TransViewer - a revolutionary wireless product that delivers real-time images from inside a vehicle, multiplexes and records up to eight video cameras and two channels of audio. The system can also respond to panic alarms and process GPS information to instantly locate a vehicle and facilitate faster and more efficient responses. The instantaneous visual access capabilities of the system empowers command center operations to act quickly and confidently, improving safety and streamlining routine functions by providing a wide range of vehicle and incident information in advance.

RoadViewer - alleviates many of the traffic problems first responders experience by providing them a real-time view of traffic conditions. The system captures live video images from traffic camera networks and sends them, along with alerts or other text-based information, to wireless devices such as cell phones, PDAs or in-vehicle systems. This off-the-shelf solution works with existing GPS, sensor and map applications and can be integrated with intelligent transportation system (ITS) platforms for advanced traffic management. Various configurations are available for city emergency services, business fleets and individual daily commuters.

AirVisual’s open and secure platform offers full telemetry, enabling control over internal functions such as PTZ control, DVR set-up and programming, and access control with advanced notification features – including the ability to send bookmarks with specific information related to alarm events.

For more information on AirVisual visit, or call 212-822-8851.

AirVisual is an application service provider that specializes in the development of enterprise safety and security software and the management and wireless delivery of visual intelligence including video, audio, and text to mobile devices over any network. Flagship solutions include: IntelliViewer – a wireless video monitoring platform; TransViewer -- a mobile vehicle surveillance solution; and RoadViewer – a wireless traffic information system.