SANYO Security Builds Upon Strength of Powerful DVR Offerings

Sept. 26, 2007
Networked 16-Channel DVRs Deliver Optimal Performance With Full System Control

Las Vegas, Nevada (September 24, 2007) – SANYO Security Systems, a division of SANYO Fisher Company, is expanding its suite of recording solutions with two new DVRs, designed for use in today’s myriad video surveillance systems. The new DVRs, models DSR-2016 and DSR-HB8000, incorporate an impressive selection of recording features, playback options, monitoring and storage capabilities.

"SANYO continues to add to its DVR lineup with new features and functionality that provides security professionals with the best recording solutions for any system application. These two new recorders offer powerful feature sets and are a perfect tool for analog or hybrid systems," said Frank Abram, Vice President and General Manager, SANYO Security Products Division. “With these two new DVRs, SANYO delivers another means of achieving a natural and comfortable migration to a networked video surveillance platform."

The DSR-HB8000 hybrid DVR offers full system control of an integrated network with up to sixteen analog and IP cameras including four Sanyo IP Pan-Focus PTZs. With 16-Channel MPEG-4 or MPEG-4+ recording for high quality image capture, the DSR-HB8000 offers PTZ and zoom control plus full-motion, multiple-screen display of live video images at 480 IPS. Diverse search functions and a host of recording features make the DSR-HB8000 both sophisticated and easy to use. Data can be saved to the HDD, a CD-R, CD-RW or DVD using the onboard one-click CD/DVD writing software, and can also be saved to a portable USB memory device. The DSR-HB8000’s unique Monitor Plus capability also allows viewing of up to 80 cameras on a single display when multiple units are deployed.

The DSR-2016 16-Channel MPEG-4 DVR delivers live picture monitoring at 960 IPS. With simultaneous recording and playback at 240 IPS, the unit delivers smooth recording and playback with two HDD bays providing a storage capacity up to 1 terabyte. For versatile systems integration, the DSR-2016 offers telemetry control and LAN/WAN network connectivity. The DSR-2016 provides high quality playback via MPEG-4 compression. The DSR-2016 also incorporates a built-in CD-R/RW drive for fast and convenient back-up and supports the use of USB memory for convenient transfer of images in JPEG or AVI formats.

“DVRs are the backbone of every video surveillance system – whether used stand-alone or in a larger networked systems environment,” said Mr. Abram. “These latest additions to our field-proven line of DVRs provide a unique combination of features with optimal control, performance and versatility.”

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