Inovonics Introduces Next-Gen Wireless Platform

March 29, 2007
EchoStream Offers Enhanced Reliability, Range and Flexibility

LOUISVILLE, Colo. – March 28, 2007 – Inovonics Wireless Corporation, the leader in commercial-grade wireless, today announced the availability of its EchoStream 900MHz multi-frequency platform for wireless security products in North America.

EchoStream provides unique flexibility among wireless security offerings in that it can be used with any control panel, so installers and end-customers can select their panel of preference. The platform features a full-range of security end-points for burglary, intrusion monitoring and duress. It also features a new, hand-held survey kit to measure radio signal strength for easy, quick and accurate installations.

“EchoStream is the 3rd generation radio platform from Inovonics and the result of decades of experience developing wireless security applications for commercial customers,” said Mark Jarman, president of Inovonics. “It delivers outstanding reliability, range, and battery life that meets the security industry’s needs today and well into the future because of the it’s flexibility and networked capabilities.”

“Inovonics’ EchoStream is much more than a point solution,” said Doug Yarger of Southcross Security in Houston Texas, “It’s a complete solution that I can use to cover everything from a single building to an entire corporate campus quicker and more cost-effectively than I could with a wired system. With EchoStream I have happier clients and more business opportunities.”

EchoStream is the wireless platform used in Inovonics’ Commercial-MeshĂ” Network, which enables multiple applications on the same network such as automated meter reading (AMR), building automation processes, and environmental monitoring. The Commercial-Mesh network also provides for two-way capable communication, and greater network scalability.

About Inovonics Wireless Corporation

Inovonics Wireless Corporation, a global leader in commercial-grade wireless sensor networks, offers products and systems for security, life safety, senior care, submetering, and other monitoring and control applications. They are a leading provider of wireless physical security applications designed specifically to protect financial, retail, healthcare, government, and multifamily and multi-tenant commercial facilities, all delivered on scalable Commercial-Mesh Networks.

Since 1986, Inovonics has specialized in developing, manufacturing, and marketing wireless products, resulting in a growing installed base of over five million radio frequency (RF) devices worldwide. Colorado-based Inovonics Wireless distributes products through an extensive network of distributors, resellers, integrators and private-label companies. For additional information, visit