Panasonic Security Systems Teams Up With AirVisual

April 6, 2006
Open Infrastructure Initiative Promotes Integration for Enhanced System Capabilities

Las Vegas, NV (April 5, 2006) – In accordance with their open infrastructure corporate initiative and to support the company’s new open systems solution, Panasonic Security Systems, a division of Panasonic System Solutions Company (PSSA), has announced their alliance with AirVisual, Inc., an innovator of remote access, monitoring and control solutions. AirVisual’s open and software-driven remote monitoring and control application allows users to remotely access, monitor and control their security systems using any computer or hand-held device such as a cellular phone, PDA or tablet.

“By partnering with market-leading system solution providers such as AirVisual, we can develop an even greater range of sophisticated network-based applications employing intelligent technology,” said Frank DeFina, President, Panasonic System Solutions Company. “We look forward to working with AirVisual in support of our open infrastructure initiative and to the continued development of technologies that further enhance integration capabilities.”

"The integration of Panasonic’s video surveillance products with AirVisual's IntelliViewer remote monitoring and control application broadens the application and utility for conventional and IP networked systems beyond their physical limitations,” said Tom Hansen, Founder and CEO of AirVisual, Inc. “The ability to view and control streaming video in real time is unique to this remote systems solution.”

The integrated system allows multiple users to view live streaming video or event-based video with remote control of PTZ cameras on any platform. Real-time viewing makes this an ideal tool for security professionals, police departments or first responders, as they can monitor situations and assess developing conditions on an ongoing basis. By employing newly developed video analytics, the system can also be programmed to call, e-mail and/or page security personnel in the event of an alarm condition or any set of predetermined parameters.

Panasonic’s open infrastructure initiative was launched in 2005 to further enhance the company’s systems integration capabilities by establishing a higher level of cooperation between leading manufacturers of video surveillance systems equipment and complementary specialized manufacturers and systems integrators.

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