AirVisual’s Open Architecture Accommodates Leading DVR and Access Control System Solutions

Sept. 13, 2005
Enters alliances with Panasonic, Dedicated Micros, Pelco & Compass Technologies.

Orlando, FL -- AirVisual, Inc., the innovator of truly remote access, monitoring and control solutions, has announced the formation of new alliances with several of the security industry’s leading suppliers of DVRs and access control systems.

The announcement, made here at ASIS by Tom Hansen, Founder and CEO of AirVisual, Inc., includes alliances with Panasonic Security Systems, Dedicated Micros, Pelco and Compass Technologies. AirVisual’s open and secure software-driven platform allows users to remotely access, monitor and control their security systems using any computer or hand-held device such as a cellular phone, PDA or tablet.

“We are extremely pleased and proud to be working with these prominent leaders in video surveillance and access control,” said Mr. Hansen. “Our association with these established pioneers in the security industry lends further testimony to the unique capabilities of AirVisual’s remote monitoring and control solutions.”

AirVisual has developed software modules for IntelliViewer specifically designed to integrate with Panasonic Security Systems’, Dedicated Micros’ and Pelco’s DVR solutions. With the addition of IntelliViewer, users can access recorded or live video in real time from these manufacturers’ DVR systems via virtually any networked or mobile device and over any cellular or Wi-fi network. Additionally, IntelliViewer provides full telemetry over internal programming and control operations, including internal camera switching and PTZ controls. The same full telemetry applies to Compass Technologies access control solutions.

In addition, AirVisual’s IntelliViewer remote solution allows “bookmarks” to be transmitted with alarm events. Bookmarks can contain specific information on camera time/date, mode or location; time and duration of recorded information; integrated data from POS systems; or access control entry/egress events and locations. “We have found this versatile feature to be of specific interest to central monitoring stations since they can dispatch and share a wealth of real time information simultaneously and automatically,” said Mr. Hansen.