Revenues Continue to Grow for Government Integrator Strategy X

Sept. 7, 2005
Additional staff prepares to deploy on its existing federal government homeland security contract

HARRISON, Maine -- Strategy X, Inc., America's Homeland Security Specialists, is pleased to announce they are expecting 8-15 (with more to come) additional senior engineering, engineering and technical positions on their existing federal government homeland security contract within the month of September 2005. These positions will generate an additional $500,000-$1,000,000 in revenues for Strategy X, Inc over the next 12 months.

Wayne F. Hawkins, Senior Vice President/Director of Survey, Installation, and Integration Management Division comments on the additional positions, "Our teams have demonstrated, without a doubt, that Strategy X, Inc. can deploy and sustain our work force. They have also proven that our expertise, work ethic and commitment are without question. We're very pleased with the positive feedback we received from the contract leads and program manager."

Clifford Lewis, President and CEO commented, "The teams in the field have worked incredibly hard to earn Strategy X, Inc. a positive reputation. I'm very proud of all our folks and pleased with the outstanding work they have accomplished. We have been in discussions with the program manager and are extremely confident that these positions will become reality very shortly."

Mr. Lewis continued, "As additional revenues continues to grow for this contract we are looking forward to gaining the remarkable position of having positive cash flow and profitability from our first homeland security contract. We expect our organization to grow rapidly as we continue adding homeland security contracts. We are very proud of the strides we have made in a very short period of time. These positions are a direct result of the outstanding report card we received during our first appraisal and we look forward to more positions as time progresses."

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