Checkpoint Systems Enhances its Pinnacle Access Control Solution

April 6, 2005
Checkpoint Systems' Pinnacle Access Control Solutions increase value and flexibility for enterprise and stand-alone operations

Las Vegas, NV -- Checkpoint Systems, Inc., has enhanced its Pinnacle Access Control Solution with the integration of visitor management capabilities and the addition of an entry-level access control system here at ISCW. Pinnacle V4.0, which seamlessly integrates Stopware, Inc.'s PassagePoint visitor management solution, and the addition of Pinnacle Lite provides Checkpoint Systems' sales network of systems integrators with access control solutions for virtually any size application.

"As Pinnacle continues to gain recognition throughout the industry for its open architecture, modularity, scalability and intuitiveness, Checkpoint Systems will continue to develop new windows of opportunity for our sales network with new and innovative access control solutions. The enhancements to Pinnacle V4.0 and the addition of Pinnacle Lite are testimony to Checkpoint's relationship with the systems integrator community and responsiveness to the market's needs," said Doug Karp, General Manager, Access Control Products Group at Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

The open architecture of Checkpoint's Pinnacle V4.0 allows the seamless integration of Stopware, Inc.'s highly touted PassagePoint visitor management solution on an enterprise level for more advanced access control applications. Additional features of Pinnacle V4.0 include IP connectivity, database partitioning and an embedded software development kit (SDK) for customizing specific applications.

Checkpoint's new Pinnacle Lite also features open architecture for application customization along with an intuitive user interface, extensive report options and comprehensive system administration and control. Pinnacle Lite will be offered in a variety of packages that demonstrate its flexibility for use in various environments and facility requirements.

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