Nanotechnology to replace security holograms?

Jan. 24, 2011

One Canadian company seems to think nanotech can replace a whole host of security printing methods. In an article by the Abbotsford Mission Times newspaper, Nanotech Security Corporation discusses how nanotechnology can replace watermarks, special inks, security threads and even holographic/hologram printing on bank notes, credit cards and more. The difference is that unlike certain security printing methods (methods that are also used on high-security ID cards for some businesses), the nanotechnology used by the company actually puts microscopic holes that can trap and refract light. The technology, according to the article, works much like the nanotechnology at work in the wings of the "Blue Morpho" butterfly (pictured at right), which was the apparent inspiration for the technology. According to the company, it's a specialized process that would be almost impossible to duplicate -- hence the security applications.

Read the original article about this cutting-edge security application for nanotechnology.


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