New kid on the block

Aug. 29, 2008

Greetings SIW readers,

I joined in May as the new assistant editor of the Web site. In my time thus far at SIW, I have spent a good deal of my time learning about the different markets within the security industry and trying to find and post the news stories that are of interest to you the reader.

I have also had the opportunity to write several features stories over the last several months and have started a regular series of "At the Frontline" pieces, which cover the different challenges security directors in the industry face. You can expect to see more "At the Frontline" stories in the coming weeks.

I'm also pleased to see that many of you have taken the opportunity to read my feature story on copper theft, as it has been one of our most read stories for several weeks running. Having covered crime as a reporter for a daily newspaper before joining SIW, I saw firsthand just how big of an issue that this has become for law enforcement and the utility industry.  Hopefully, as advances continue in remote surveillance technology, metal theft will become more of nuisance than an epidemic.  

In closing my first blog post, I look forward to continuing to bring you the stories that you as security professionals depend on and invite you to e-mail me ideas for features or other news stories that you would like to read about on the site. Thanks!

-Joel Griffin


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