The airport security screener game

April 25, 2008

Want an approximation of what it might feel like to be a TSA security screener working at a busy checkpoint? Shockwave has a simple Airport Security game out that runs in your web browser. You can choose your level of play -- Fickle, Abitrary or Knee-Jerk -- and you have to spot threats in luggage and on persons. Click the bottle of liquid in the carry-on bag, manage new security updates ("No cell phones in carry-ons") and deal with alerts like "security queue too long". It's just like the stress of being an airport screener, but at least if the air passengers get angry at you, you can just turn the game off and get back to your real work.

Get to the fun at Shockwave's Airport Security game landing page.  -- Geoff

Shockwave Airport Security game

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