What’s your New Year’s resolution?

Dec. 13, 2011

As editors, we’re trained to do our research—dig through details, cold-call sources, fact-check the information we have come across through our searches— in finding “the story” as it relates to a particular topic or developing trend. And while there’s no other feeling like having the latest and greatest scoop on a hot topic (journalists, you know what I mean), sometimes it takes a few missteps and detours along the way to get to your achieved destination—or in this case, to get an exclusive.

Where am I going with this, you ask? Let’s just say “said-detour” involved finding a new way to visualize developing residential changes and emerging home automation players—a topic which industry experts shared their thoughts on with SD&I in our January 2012 “Special Focus” feature. This task involved exploring options aside from just showcasing a picture of a house (i.e., the first visual that may come to mind involving anything residential). And while it required some major brainstorming and numerous back-and-forth conversations, we came up with something that will surely make you turn to our TOC, page four, to see where it all begins.

The point is, we didn’t give up or play it safe and neither should you. Sure, you’ve got outside players—Comcast, Verizon and AT&T included—who stepped into the ring to provide their own home automation services. And yes, it serves as extra competition for you residential dealers and integrators. But it doesn’t mean you should take a backseat. Quite the contrary, as Eric Smith, chief architect for Control4 confirmed:

“The best way for dealers in the security industry to counter this is to surpass the features and functionality offered by these companies.”

SD&I Editor Deborah O’Mara also agreed: “Security is actually becoming a household and business name—through consumers who love their smartphones and remote connectivity. It’s not the security that’s bringing them in; it’s the lifestyle-convenience functions they want.” (Check out her latest column here: http://www.securityinfowatch.com/Columns/sdis-fast50).

If you make any New Year’s resolutions for 2012, promise yourself to never stop pushing your brand and to continue delivering compelling solutions that drive market growth—whether you’re a dealer who provides services your customers depend on; or whether you’re a vendor who provides the latest technologies.

Curious to know what visual concept we came up with for our residential exclusive? Check back with us after the New Year and stay digitally connected—our first issue of 2012 goes live January 6: http://sdi.epubxpress.com/.

Natalia Kosk
Security Dealer & Integrator magazine

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