ASIS Report: Vendors Embrace Mobile Apps

Oct. 4, 2013
The show floor featured many new apps

Fresh off an exhausting ASIS show, here's a sneak preview of my column in the October issue of SD&I. It should be available soon at

It is always interesting to roam around the show floor at September’s ASIS International conference, looking for cool technologies and breakthrough products. It was my 11th ASIS, and I have learned that in most years (the good ones), you can pick up on a theme — a thread of sorts that unites a good majority of the new product launches.

The theme of this ASIS was surely the manufacturers’ embrace of mobile technology. The trend was mostly applicable to video and access control — but it got to the point where I was thinking that I would turn the next corner and find a fence in a backpack or something just as unexpected.

With just about every show-goer attached to his or her smartphone, tablet or other mobile device (even smart watches, which someone showed me) as they moved from booth to booth, it becomes clear how important and impactful the mobile revolution has been on the technology industry. Mobile knows no market boundary — it applies as much to commercial security as it does to residential. And in both cases, if you, as a security dealer or integrator do not embrace this shift and offer your customers access to these innovations, those customers will find someone else who can.

That means knowing your apps...

Be sure to catch the full column in the October issue of SD&I, available soon!

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