Instanalysis: SimpliSafe launches business-focused DIY offering

Sept. 17, 2020
Industry experts weigh in on the impact of these new security systems targeting retail, healthcare and other SMB customers

Known as a DIY alternative to professionally installed and monitored security systems in the residential market, SimpliSafe may now become a concern for integrators who serve the small commercial security market as well.

According to a press release, SimpliSafe Business Security "has been designed to support businesses across industries, including healthcare, restaurant and retail, and directly addresses many of the pain points that businesses often encounter when it comes to their protection."  

“This announcement from SimpliSafe comes at a time when the competition for small business security is heating up," explains Blake Kozak, senior analyst for the smart home market for research firm Omdia. "Brands that started off focused purely on residential are finding opportunity and demand coming from new channels, such as small and medium businesses. Although SimpliSafe lacks the longevity and history of security services compared to providers like ADT, because of the extraordinary situation many small businesses are now facing due to COVID-19, higher fees and longer contracts are suddenly less attractive." 

The wireless system is, of course, a do-it-yourself installation and requires no long-term commitment. The release goes on to outline features and services specific to multi-site businesses, including a Property Management Dashboard, which offers a streamlined, single screen view into and control over all systems. The company is offering packages specifically targeted at restaurants, storefronts and small offices, as well as an a la carte offering.   

"Although ADT and other professional providers could offer up more comprehensive support than SimpliSafe, consumers may be willing to take the risk of doing it themselves in order to save on costs, at least until the uncertainty of COVID has passed," Kozak says. "Nevertheless, SimpliSafe has done a good job staying true to its mission of providing a security solution minus all the bells and whistles of a smart home system. So for businesses that want a security system and nothing else, SimpliSafe is viable alternative to the traditional players.”  

"I find it interesting and not surprised to see this SimpliSafe announcement," adds Peter Giacalone, an electronic security industry consultant for Giacalone Associates. "The SMB market is diverse, maybe more diverse than the residential market. As I have studied these markets and the results of DIY providers as SimpliSafe, it all makes sense. SimpliSafe’s offerings have achieved such great success with a huge segment of the business causing expansion to the residential market. 

"Of course these offerings also erode traditional subscribers that migrate to DIY as well," Giacalone adds. "Now with SMB and the diversity of subscribers, it’s my belief that an offering as this will have a similar effect, where businesses that didn’t have security in the past will now engage given the ease of adoption. As with residential, it will likely erode many traditional users as well." 

When asked why they feel that the SMB market would be better served by a DIY solution, SimpliSafe Chief Commercial Officer Don LeBlanc says: “There are a number of reasons why a DIY solution is well-suited for the SMB market. First and foremost, with a wireless DIY solution, there are no installation nor ongoing maintenance costs like those that often come with hard-wired solutions that require professional service. Additionally, DIY solutions give business owners the flexibility to add, remove or modify their system with ease as need be. Now more than ever, business owners need to be nimble and readily adapt to changes in regulations, consumer behavior and more. A DIY solution allows them to do just that -- they can order the system online, get it delivered (contact-free) and have it set-up in a matter of days.”  

Paul Rothman is Editor-in-Chief of Security Business magazine (